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Kenneth Cole Eyeglasses for Men

Kenneth Cole™ - KC0248

$94.81 - $110.34

Kenneth Cole™ - KC0300

$94.81 - $107.91

Kenneth Cole™ - KC0304

$110.34 - $118.67

Kenneth Cole™ - KC0322

$86.59 - $89.02

Kenneth Cole™ - KC0331

$86.59 - $89.02

Kenneth Cole™ - KC0332

$86.59 - $89.02

Kenneth Cole™ - KC0749

$77.79 - $84.15

A charismatic personality, an extraordinary designer, a successful businessman, Kenneth Cole founded his brand in 1982. The future designer was born and raised in New York, which has always been a center of attraction. And to create his collections, Cole was inspired primarily by this metropolis, where cultures, styles, and nationalities mix. The spirit of big city life, confidence and functionality, elegance, and dynamic harmony are all have been absorbed by the brand created by Kenneth Cole. The brand's products are made both in a classic and in a modern style, which is called by fashion experts urban-aspirational.

Today the Kenneth Cole brand is not only shoes, but also clothes, accessories, and, of course, glasses. Semi-sporty style, free lines, unusual and bold design solutions, energy and light negligence - all this makes the brand's eyeglasses suitable for active, liberated people. Kenneth Cole men's eyeglasses are modern classics with unique design details. Versatile and functional models made from quality materials remain relevant at all times and are a great addition to both formal and casual wear.