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Kirk & Kirk Glasses and Eyewear

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Being inclusive becomes very fashionable, if it is not about the standard and routine things. This implies the manufacturer's ability to offer original and exceptional products to the greatest possible number of customers. Kirk & Kirk is one of those companies. This brand proudly offers endless sculptural possibilities of optical frames and sunglasses to all walks of life around the world. Karen Kirk, its founder, puts all her feminine soul into creating beautiful and non-trivial designs. Each of them is the fruit of painstaking handwork, with love and care for the client. Inclusive eyewear for exclusive people. There is no contradiction in this, since demanding connoisseurs of comfort can choose from a wide variety of shapes, shades and sizes.

Kirk & Kirk didn't fall from heaven to earth. Its founders Jason and Karen Kirk have in their genetic memory the experience of talented ancestors who were successfully engaged in the optical industry. Chief designer and mastermind behind the most daring solutions, Karen Kirk has a good education in the relevant field, but she is convinced that this is not enough. She believes in her feminine intuition, sensitive to the smallest shades, the texture of the material and the comfort of wearing. This is how Karen Kirk explains her success in creating confident and attractive eyewear that impresses with its elegance and light weight. Of course, she has her preferences. Karen draws inspiration from mid-century glass and jewelry.

Kirk & Kirk Eyewear

The texture of the material plays a huge role in color reproduction, the designer is convinced. The company develops its own materials, such as acrylic. This has allowed the creation of incredible color palettes that delight both women and men. Acrylic frames of all colors of the rainbow, various shapes and types, are presented in the brand's portfolio. Why? This material has astonishing properties. It is not only amazingly light, but also highly adaptive to the contour of any face. Finally, acrylic is an ideal substance for the flight of creative thought. Designers are simply in love with this material. It is absolutely safe for the delicate skin of children and women, non-toxic and hypoallergenic at any air temperature.

Kirk & Kirk offers eyeglasses and sunglasses for visual and tactile enjoyment. The eyewear of this brand is a natural preference for contemporary individuals who choose absolute comfort and timeless classics. Bright accessories for bright personalities. This approach finds an increasing number of supporters around the world. Acrylic frames have the ability to sparkle with amazing brilliance, refracting the rays of the sun. Connoisseurs of bright style can choose from numerous rich shades for every taste and whim. Karen Kirk is happy because life on the planet becomes more beautiful, more fun and more interesting. There is also her part in this. Today, everyone can look more attractive and more intelligent in Kirk & Kirk eyewear.


It's time to talk about the second member of the founding duo Kirk & Kirk, Jason. While Karen wallows in her fantasies, inventing new eye-catching models that amaze the imagination, her brother takes care of the business side of the project. He regularly visits their factory in France, monitoring the quality of products and compliance with the technological process. This is a very important part of the business, as all amazing and comfortable eyewear frames are made from start to finish in one place. By the way, frames benefit from German five-barrelled hinges, strengthening each one with the comfort of integral nose pads. However, bold design solutions do not negate the best European traditions of craftsmanship, which the brand honors and adheres to.

Kirk & Kirk Sunglasses

Kirk & Kirk sunglasses come in a wide variety of shapes and shades. Karen prefers classic frames that are most suitable for men and women. These are Aviators, Cat-Eyes, as well as round and square frames that amaze with a riot of colors. People with a flamboyant appearance can choose from monotones, reds and pinks, oranges and yellows, blues and purples, greens and aquas, browns and ochres. By the way, each pair of sunglasses is equipped with a reliable UV filter and anti-reflective coating. Kirk & Kirk eyeglasses are presented in three unique collections: Kaleidoscope, Centena and Matte Centena. The brand also offers functional and practical accessories such as nose pads. The design by Karen Kirk is an enormous attention to detail.


Kirk & Kirk has a venerable backstory that begins with the grandfather and great uncle of the brand's founders, Sidney and Percy Kirks. The First World War was still raging, but two tireless inventors were trying to convert an old sewing machine (perhaps made in Germany) into a working lens cutter. Could they have known that the optical workshop they opened in London in 1919 would eventually become an international brand for the production of stylish and modern eyewear? Kirk & Kirk can be called English with a very big stretch, since the manufacturer's production facilities are located in France, and the technologies used are of German origin. Finally, Kirk & Kirk's beautiful eyewear appeals to the whole world, regardless of nationality, skin color or religion.

Kirk & Kirk Frames

The Kirks family has always been very versatile, creating new frame designs and adjustable nose pads, and helping other manufacturers set up their factories. Their history is full of events and discoveries, so Karen and Jason never thought about what to devote their lives to. The third generation of Kirks creates inclusive, innovative and adventurous eyewear for exclusive clients that anyone can join. The legendary English brand appeals to bright and successful individuals who prefer to look confident and elegant under any circumstances. Happiness is the ability to live in a comfortable world, surrounded by practical and beautiful things, Kirk and Kirk believe. This is the mission of the brand from the moment of its foundation to this day.