Aviator Glasses Frames for Men and Women

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Products: 124 of 1216


To choose the ideally fitting and perfectly looking sunglasses is not such a trivial mission for a man. Even when eager to own the legendary known model of sunglasses, firstly make sure that the style you've selected suits your face shape. Don't forget to examine the shape of the frame and lenses before you pull on the same style as your favourite singer.

But rumours are that there is one and the only style of sunglasses that suits every face shape. These are well-known Aviator sunglasses.

This iconic model appeared firstly by request of one American pilot, who asked the optical manufactory to produce sunglasses to protect his eyes from sun rays and not to break his sophisticated appearance at the same time. Later this type of sunglasses was used by the army and got its name as Aviator.

The most specific features of the original Aviator are their thin wire frames and a double bridge. Despite the small thickness the frame is strong and reliable.

It consists of 7 layers of carbon fiber, that's why the frame remains lightweight, yet flexible. Plastic aviator frames appeared later, as well as one-piece lens shields, rimless and semi-rimless profiles and a wider selection of lens colors and finishes.

One more distinctive feature of the Aviator model is a pair of dark green lenses, which are two to three times the size of the eye socket. They filter ultraviolet and infrared rays, prevent too much light from entering the eyes, whilst providing peripheral views. Lenses are really incredible: colors are bright and clear and special anti-reflective coating stands for sharp eyesight. Now the lenses come in classic, square and teardrop shapes. And the mirrored lenses are also in demand.

It's supremely good news that you needn't be a pilot to get your own fantastic Aviators.