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McQ Glasses and Eyewear

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The brand McQ was established as a lower-priced line of the world-known fashion house Alexander McQueen, known for its bold and even shocking designs. Creative and grotesque, McQ eyeglasses and sunglasses feature the spirit of the famous designer to complete any casual and modern look perfectly. If you want to create an exclusive and ultra-fashionable style, take a look at incredible collections of McQ frames crafted from weightless and durable materials.

Discover a great selection of McQ women's eyeglasses that contains contemporary and elegant models for fashion-forward ladies who want to look attractive and interesting. Every pair of McQ spectacles is comfortable, fully functional, and lightweight, so you can wear glasses for a whole day to improve your vision. McQ sunglass frames for women are offered in a wide assortment of shapes like oval, round, square, cat-eye, and many others to match your taste and wardrobe. Select your perfect pair in classic or bold colors, exclusive finishes, and wonderful patterns.

McQ Alexander McQueen | Spring/Summer 2014 | Women's Film

Elegant and modern-looking, McQ men's eyeglasses are crafted from sturdy plastic and weightless metal to deliver excellent comfort and durability. Affordable prices make this brand extremely popular among young men who want to look stylish. The brand combines various materials and details to provide accessories that can express the individuality of the wearer. Some models feature unusual colors, bold elements, and unexpected shapes to become an eye-catching accessory of any young man's wardrobe.

McQ men's sunglasses are embellished with bold details to express your daring and rebellious style. Every pair of frames will deliver unmatched UV protection and an eye-catching look to match your special style perfectly. Browse our current online catalog of McQ eyewear to choose a unique model for young and contemporary men and women. Informal and anarchic, unique and unusual, eyeglasses and sunglasses from this brand can be paired with different outfits to suit any taste and budget!


The British fashion designer Alexander McQueen launched his lower-priced line of apparel and accessories McQ that was targeted at young people who prefer the style of modern street culture. The brand has got its renewed identity and strategy to play a very important role in raising awareness through the dark story of the life of Lee Alexander McQueen. Collections of eyewear are crafted for the Ironic Tortured E-Teens – these are young people of 16-18 years old who are dealing with depression, panic attacks, and anxiety. These teenagers need eye-catching and bold accessories to stimulate their dark thoughts and feelings.

Alexander McQueen

The target audience of the McQ line is those young people who spend their life basically online, but they also like music, nature, animals, and bold experiments with extravert clothing and makeup. Sunglasses and eyeglasses help these people to make ironic, dark, and provocative images to set a fashion statement. The generation that prefers McQ’s brand apparel and accessories filled with anxiety and darkness. Stylish looks of the company’s collections provoke youth to rebel against everything. This is a mix of streetwear, romantic, and soft grunge that helps young wearers to express themselves and show off their bold style.


Alexander McQueen's story ended tragically - in February 2010, he committed suicide, which, most likely, was provoked by the death of his mother, debts of £ 32 million, and constant overwork. However, he received the title of "Best British Designer of the Year" four times, was awarded the Order of the British Empire, and created a fashion house of his name, which continues to influence trends.

Alexander McQueen & Shara Burton & Isabella Blow

On 27 July 2006, Alexander McQueen’s brand introduced its lower-priced line called McQ. This new diffusion was designed by Alexander and created women’s and men’s clothes and accessories of modern style. The company was promoted as a denim line and focused on a youthful market, working in collaboration with SINV SpA. Later, after Alexander's death, Pina Ferlisi became the creative director of the McQ line.

In August 2011, the brand announced about launching the first McQ boutique in London, and in November 2011, the brand was announced to be a participant at London Fashion Week in February 2021 for the first time.

The brand McQ creates apparel and accessories for the young generation of people to educate them using the controversial vision of the company’s designer who has committed suicide. The main aim of the brand’s designer was to take something dark and make something beautiful.