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Miu Miu Glasses and Eyewear

Miu Miu™ - MU 05WS

$221.54 - $289.32

Miu Miu™ - MU 50WS

$235.21 - $262.33

Miu Miu™ - MU 09XS

$207.85 - $289.19

Miuccia Prada is the prominent modern designer who has given a contemporary feel to Italian style and class. With the creation of Miu Miu, a separate branch and a part of Prada Group, Miuccia reinvented the family business which she took after her mother and grandfather. It was in 1913 when Prada was founded by Mario Prada who opened an exclusive store for trade in luxury goods and travel accessories. The first-rate goods the company offered were scrupulously made of precious materials and leathers and targeted at upper-class customers. Due to the high quality of its products Prada became an official supplier of the Italian Royal House. After Miuccia Prada joined the company she achieved success with her designs of accessories and soon the line of products was diversified with footwear and then with womenswear line.

A simple cut of the models, which looked provocative, luxurious quality and restrained color scheme distinguished Prada style from the proposals of other designers. With collections which were often called innovative and nonstandard Prada gained international recognition. Miu Miu collections have an alternative style and designed for younger townswomen who are in search of their own style and follow fashion trends but prefer more affordable clothing. Unusual palette of shades and amazing color combinations distinguish the Miu Miu clothing style from Prada collections. Colorful prints and drawings with creatively selected textures and fabrics form one integral image. Miu Miu clothing is made exclusively from natural fabrics. Miuccia Prada collections are always a surprise. They are eagerly awaited by the most devoted fans of the youth brand. Retro-inspired Miu Miu frames are loved for their quality, sophistication and artistic designs. They are an ideal complement for Miu Miu clothing collections to create a colorful fascinating look.

Like other creations of the brand, Miu Miu glasses also feature a bold design, which is a combination of bright colors and expressive shapes. Among the modern and elegant frames available in the offer, you will see extravagant prescription glasses and original sunglasses. Miu Miu's wide range includes variations of classic shapes, including round frames, Cat Eyes and timeless Aviators. A wide range of unique accessories allows even the most demanding customers to find something that will meet their expectations and emphasize their individual style. Miu Miu eyewear perfectly combines modernity and tradition, expressive character and chic elegance, as well as sophisticated aesthetic taste with the highest quality workmanship.

This means that, in addition to their impeccable appearance, the frames can also be praised for their unparalleled durability, pleasant wearing and visual comfort. Miu Miu corrective glasses are practical accessories for computer work, driving or reading. Sunglasses from this manufacturer will perfectly fulfill their function of protecting against UV rays in any lifestyle and any circumstances. Screen and fashion stars love trendy glasses and like to pose in them. Famous actresses such as Mischa Barton and Dakota Johnson have already been photographed wearing Miu Miu glasses. Movie star Elle Fanning also loves to wear the brand's extravagant pieces, as they pair perfectly with any fashion outfit and should be part of any trendsetter's wardrobe.


The brand with the interesting name Miu Miu belongs to the fashion house Prada. Its founder Miuccia Prada gave a push to the formation and development of the brand. She also named the brand with her childhood's nickname - her parents and friends called her this way when she was a little girl. Miuccia Prada is the granddaughter of Mario Prada who was the founder of Prada. As a heiress of the family business she did a lot for the development of the house, however, because of the long history of the brand and established traditions she always felt constrained in actions and could not prove her designer talents in full force.

Miuccia wanted to experiment and to reflect her own concepts in clothing design. So she created the new independent brand and focused on creation of more youthful and bold clothes targeted to young girls and women with character. Miuccia Prada conceived her own brand as the embodiment of creative freedom, not limited by any frameworks. Bright colors, original prints and cuts made this brand popular with young fashion-conscious girls. If you compare Miu Miu with Prada, the difference can be found on the surface. Miu Miu is intended for young people, therefore, it is distinguished by more affordable prices than Prada. Miu Miu clothing is more vibrant and avant-garde. Designers of  Miu Miu  are always ready for the most daring experiments that Prada cannot afford.


Many companies make a separation of brands in order to reach a large audience of customers. This step was quite reasonable and logical and Miuccia founded Miu Miu in 1992. In addition to clothes and shoes, various accessories were available in the brand's collections. The first Miu Miu show was held in Paris, of course, the designer took the risk, but everything turned out as well as possible and the brand immediately won recognition. In 1994, the brand earned the award "Best International Designer", which rose it to a high level in the fashion industry. 

Miuccia still remains one of the most classic designers both for Prada and Miu Miu collections. She avoids too bright colors and open cuts, giving preference to a more free, urban style. Miu Miu accessories are brighter than clothes and are suitable  both  for  club girls and modern office ladies. Brand's clothing and shoes are preferred by modern young people who pay great attention to quality and comfort. Prada is known for spending hours perfecting every detail of its designs, changing them over and over again. This makes fans of the brand to be confident in quality and impeccability. 

Miu Miu clothing is always simple and gives the impression of classic high-end items. Brand's collections are always expressive and vibrant. This is a mixture of classic styles of the last century and completely new details and color schemes. Original clothing is complemented by special accessories - bags of unusual shapes and shoes with non-standard heels. A typical girl in Miu Miu style is a young lady who is not afraid to experiment with fashion trends. She carefully combines the incongruous, adding to her looks some eclectic decorations. She is characteristic of the desire to express her own individuality through bold and outstanding images. 

Initially, the collections of Miu Miu included clothing both  for  women and men, however, since 2008 it was decided to focus exclusively on women's clothing, and the production of men's collections was stopped. Miu Miu always attracts celebrities for its advertising campaigns. Moreover, Miuccia prefers to see in the advertising girls with a bright personality and their own unique style. Miu Miu accessories fall under the general mood of the brand: bold, bright, catchy. Sunglasses of incredible shapes and with unimaginable decor are very popular among star fashionistas: Rihanna, Miranda Kerr, Leighton Mister and Camilla Belle. Brand's sunglasses from collection to collection conquer the public with geometric shapes and voluminous frames and their  feminine and stylish look. Miu Miu boutiques are opened all over the world: in the USA, Japan, China, Europe and Russia while Photoshoots with the brand's clothes appeared in major fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.