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Moncler Eyeglasses for Women

Moncler™ - ML5089


$167.58 - $200.88

The history of the Moncler brand dates back to 1952 in the small village of Monestier de Clermont, near Grenoble, after which the brand was named. In this small town, Rene Ramillon opened his business, where he produced various accessories for outdoor activities, warm sleeping bags, tents, and his legendary down jackets, originally conceived as outerwear for farmers. Ramillon's fateful encounter with avid mountaineer Lionel Terrey, who used the brand's down jacket for his ascents, played a role, and Moncler soon launched a clothing line specifically for mountaineering.

In the 2000s, Moncler began to develop in a completely new direction, namely, to enter the world of fashion. Anticipating fashion trends, the brand's designers decided to make clothes more suited to everyday urban style, adding also a line of sunglasses and frames, which are indispensable for creating a completely modern look. Focusing primarily on the quality and the use of the latest technology, Moncler produces a range of stylish eyeglasses for women and men that are comfortable to wear on a daily basis, complementing the fashionable look and highlighting bright individuality.