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Moschino Eyeglasses

Moschino™ - MOS521

$111.11 - $114.35

Moschino™ - MOS534

$114.35 - $114.35

Moschino™ - MOS535

$87.09 - $101.70

Moschino™ - MOS542

$122.30 - $123.80

Moschino™ - MOS549

$88.59 - $102.90

Moschino is one of the world's famous fashion brands. The man who stands behind the brand is Franco Moschino is an Italian couturier with an unquenchable sense of humor and optimism. His provocative, ironic style has become a symbol of disobedience in the dictatorial world of classical fashion. The brand appeared in the eighties. Franco Moschino launched his eponymous label with a line of casual clothes and jeans, later he released evening wear, shoes, underwear and perfumes. The fashion label became a symbol of innovations and eccentricity and that was enough for popularity and success. Moschino criticized the fashion industry, he seemed to mock the cult of the high podium, and he urged to wear not what is fashionable, but what someone liked. He believed that clothing should be taken with humor and irony. Extravagance, artistry, brightness and originality - all these qualities are inherent in every creation of the famous couturier.

Moschino had a great influence on the fashion of the eighties, his collections were filled with details that have now become synonymous with the decade. He always remained true to the classic forms of clothing, but supplemented the models with unexpected and funny details and accessories: surreal buttons, playful inscriptions, hearts, pom poms and bows, hats and bags from stuffed toys. Rich with color, great designs, glorious embellishments, with styles from glam to rock-and-roll and classic, Moschino eyeglasses are always in vogue.