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Omega Eyeglasses

The history of this global brand dates back to 1848. In Switzerland, Louis Brandt, as soon as he turned 23, opened a small company for the assembly and further sale of watches. At the beginning, Brandt made high-precision pocket watches and successfully sold them throughout Europe.The flow of buyers increased, the company grew and flourished. Later Louis Brandt left his company as a legacy to his sons, who decided to expand their company. A few years later, the watch won the title of “world brand”.

Nowadays everyone knows about the watch brand OMEGA, the glory of the brilliant watch mechanism shook not only Switzerland, but also Europe and the whole world. The focus of the brand has always been on the quality of materials and meticulous work on every smallest detail. The brand has always been defined by the spirit of innovation. It will not be easy to list all  the company's achievements and patents. All OMEGA breakthroughs in fields of design and technology have gone down in history forever. The company's triumph is well-deserved and natural. Unique, alluring, elegant, OMEGA watch masterpieces have always been symbols of success, great taste and wealth. Aristocratic and sustained design, modern chic and durability are the main strengths of the Swiss brand.

OMEGA optical collections are a logical continuation of the company's successful progress. The legendary watches of the brand served as a muse for inspiration for the creation of eyeglasses. In every model, you can trace the same style, the same intricacy and materials that are similar to those used by OMEGA in watchmaking. Made in Italy by talented artisans using the latest technology and luxury materials, OMEGA optical collection continues the classic style with a modern twist which is always relevant and in demand.