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Omega Sunglasses for Women

Omega™ - OM0020-H


$305.24 - $327.69

Omega™ - OM0031-H


$322.95 - $348.03

Since 1848, Omega has consistently confirmed its status as a pioneer in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Omega watches are known and appreciated in the world of sports, they were actively used in space exploration, Omega watches have always been considered a prestigious and profitable investment. In addition, Omega is one of the flagships of the Swiss watch industry: the company became one of the first watch manufactories to launch mass production. Omega is a company with traditional, time-proven quality, but at the same time a company with an innovative spirit that strives to ensure that the customer gets maximum satisfaction from the brand's products.

The brand's rich heritage has inspired the Omega eyewear collection. The series includes models for men and women. Made in Italy, the sunglasses borrowed design elements from the brand's watches and jewelry such as the floral pattern that adorns OMEGA's jewelry, legendary side brackets from the Constellation collection, flexible hinges resembling a watch crown, glossy black finish inspired by the ceramic models from the Dark Side Of The Moon collection and metal frame, stylized in stainless steel. Omega sunglasses are the perfect complement to any stylish look.