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Pomellato Eyeglasses

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Products: 124 of 70

Pomellato has been in the jewelry market for over 50 years and considered as one of the key players in the international jewelry scenario. The brand's founder Pino Rabolini introduced a ready-to-wear philosophy to the jewelry world regardless of its conservatism. He wanted to make accessible the great style and fashion to more women, so he moved out of producing pieces individually and started the jewelry manufacturing designed for the mass consumer. Creations of the brand have their own distinctive character and unmistakable style. They are synonymous with creativity and color. All Pomellato products are mass-produced and designed for everyday wear, however, traditional hand-made production and the highest quality of manufacturing make each piece uniquely elegant.

Pomellato creations are simply mesmerizing with the amazing finishing of precious stones which come in a kaleidoscope of colors, with extraordinary design and unmatched craftsmanship turning each jewelry item into an exclusive luxury masterpiece. The brand has always been a trendsetter, which attracted well-known fashion photographers and editors. Many famous film actors and style icons share the values and ideals of Pomellato. The collection of eyeglasses combines the experience and long-standing traditions with passion for innovations and modern design which endows the eyewear of the brand with fashion-forward identity, uniqueness and incomparable style.

Pomellato eyewear is the embodiment of an elegant mixture of high-quality materials and exquisite colors from traditional hues of tortoiseshell, black, gray and brown, to fresh and modern tones.  The brand offers an array of timeless silhouettes in rectangular, square, oval and round shapes with simple refined aesthetic and impeccable vintage or classic styles.