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Oliver Peoples Glasses and Eyewear

Oliver Peoples eyewear deserves special attention due to the quality of materials and innovative design. The history of Oliver Peoples begins in 1987 with the opening of the first store in Hollywood, where the Leight brothers launched the sale of retro glasses from a collection that accidentally fell into their hands. Thanks to their delicate taste and sense of style, Larry and Denis began to easily select glasses for their clients and soon created their own line of eyeglasses. Being inspired by that collection, designers developed their unique contemporary style based on vintage models. Thus, the first collection of retro frames from Oliver Peoples made in Italy was launched. 

The first collection was inspired by futuristic motifs and geometric prints from the 80s. The popularity of the brand came a year later, after the release of one of the issues of Vogue magazine. On the cover of the magazine was a photo of Andy Warhol wearing branded glasses from the first collection. From that moment, the eyewear of the brand began to appear frequently on the covers of other fashion editions and Oliver Peoples gained a lot of fans among world celebrities. The frames for Oliver Peoples are made in a factory in Italy, where every part of the manufacturing process is given special attention. The vintage aesthetics are reflected in all details of the brand's glasses. Today, the retro style has become iconic for the brand.


The now legendary optics brand Oliver Peoples was founded in California in 1987. The brand got its name after the name of the famous collector Oliver Peoples, whose unique collection of retro glasses was accidentally acquired by the talented Los Angeles-based designer Larry Leight. The collection of glasses, among which were gold-plated specimens decorated with delightful patterns, dated back to the twenties and thirties of the last century. This eyewear collection looked especially estimated considering the fashion of the eighties, when brands were constantly experimenting with bright colors of glasses and shapes that were different from the classic ones. The result was the Oliver Peoples vintage eyewear store on the famous Hollywood Sunset Boulevard, where the collection was sold out very quickly.

Larry Leight had enough professional skills and experience to create his own line of glasses for which he acted as a designer and manufacturer at the same time. The eyewear demonstrated the designer's immense commitment to the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail that still characterize the brand today. The brand's designers prefer vintage or classic style, smooth lines and restrained colors. Acetate and titanium are the main materials used for brand's eyewear that forever became the favorites of the world celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp and many others.


Oliver Peoples is the eyewear trendsetter which is renowned for using the finest materials, aesthetics and craftsmanship honed over the years. The founder of the brand, Larry Leight, is an innovator with the goal not to repeat, but at the same time not to forget about traditions. Leight was always inspired by the style of writers and rock musicians. When Larry Leigth and Ken Schwartz were conceptualizing the brand, they concentrated on creation of an innovative eyewear line that reflected the spirit of Los Angeles. Being attracted by the style of accessories released in the United States between the 1920s and 1960s the founders strove to showcase the unique style of the frames of that era in the modern models.

Looking for inspiration, Larry and Ken stumbled upon a private vintage collection. It comprises glasses made by American Optical, Bausch and Lomb, Shuron and other well-known brands. They also found the receipts with the name of the collector that came with the frames set. That was the name Oliver Peoples. The sophisticated style of the intellectual carried by the discovered frames became the basis for a new project. It was decided to name the brand after the owner, whose name appears on the rare treasures.

The acquired collection was quickly sold out and Larry began to develop the design and manufacture of glasses, in which the experience of his profession as an ophthalmologist was very useful to him. In 1987, the first collection of retro-style frames was launched. Models of acetate and titanium are manufactured in Japan. The collections are limited and handmade and their main difference is the absence of a company logo. So only true fans of the brand can recognize Oliver Peoples glasses among many other creations of designers.