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Prada Eyeglasses for Women

Prada™ - PR 08WV

$133.75 - $142.20

Prada™ - PR 09WV

$132.44 - $140.80

Prada™ - PR 16WV

$132.44 - $277.98

Prada™ - PR 16WVF

$140.80 - $142.20

Prada™ - PR 17WV

$147.44 - $151.80

Prada™ - PR 62WV

$161.37 - $172.93

Prada™ - PR 03WV

$133.75 - $142.20

Prada™ - PR 04WV

$142.97 - $153.31

Prada™ - PR 05WV

$142.97 - $151.80

Prada™ - PR 06WV

$142.97 - $144.39

Prada™ - PR 07WV

$142.97 - $151.80

Prada™ - PR 55WV

$161.37 - $171.21

Prada™ - PR 56WV

$161.37 - $171.21

Prada™ - PR 57WV

$161.37 - $172.93

Prada™ - PR 60WV

$161.37 - $172.93

The well-known Italian brand Prada was launched by two brothers, Martino and Mario Prada who were focused on creating leather goods. Famous for its innovative and extraordinary designs, Prada was quickly appreciated by many people all over the world for its sophisticated collections of handbags, jewelry, trunks, and other accessories, including impressive and distinctive women’s eyeglasses designed with meticulous attention to every detail using the finest materials to deliver high-quality and durable frames to serve for many years. Every pair of Prada eyeglasses for women features a luxury look, innovative techniques, and excellent functionality. 

Prada has always paid enormous attention to creating its products, and this led the brand to the forefront of aristocracy: in 1919, the prestigious company became the official supplier to the royal family of Italy. From the very beginning, Mario Prada believed that women shouldn’t be in business, so he didn’t let female members of his family join the famous company. His son had no interest in the family business but his daughter Luisa Prada was working at the company as a successor to her father and ran the business for over 10 years. In 1970, Luisa’s daughter, Miuccia Prada joined the family business, too.  

Later, in 1978, Miuccia married Patriaio Bertelli, an entrepreneur from Tuscan. They started to work together to develop the Prada brand and create new creative collections of eye-catching, fashionable, and opulent products for modern people who prefer excellent quality and unparalleled comfort. Today, the couple are still in the Prada business: Bertelli and Miuccia continue to work hard to create trendy and fully-functional products, including distinctive and impressive eyeglasses for women who want to emphasize their femininity and individuality. As an official retailer, we offer only 100% authentic eyewear for women from a famous brand.  

Discover the latest eyewear collection from Prada to choose from exclusive and trendy frames to suit any style perfectly. Whether you are searching for an elegant and simple pair of glasses for work or an eye-catching frame for a special occasion, we have you fully covered! Synonymous with cutting-edge style, Prada eyeglasses for women reflect the intellectual dimension of the Italian company which combines unmatched quality and innovative materials to deliver exceptional eyewear for contemporary and self-confident women who dare to challenge conventions and want to express their personal character through impressive accessories.  

With elegance and luxury in its eyewear designs, Prada pays enormous attention to functionality to create versatile and comfortable prescription frames for women. With innovative technologies and excellent craftsmanship of the best Italian artisans, the brand makes high-fashion eyeglasses of excellent quality. Sophisticated and sexy cat-eye spectacles, classic and timeless rectangular shapes, and eye-catching round frames with soft lines offer a trendy accessory for any woman's tastes. Oversized bold glasses create a daring look when round chic frames add a touch of elegance and refined style. Offered in a great assortment of colors, Prada eyewear will become a favorite accessory of every fashion-forward woman. 

Prada glasses are known worldwide for their refined styles, interesting designs, and unmatched quality. Just as opulent clothes from the famed Italian company define the wearer's status, its glasses do the same, taking women to a new level of style. Offered in a wonderful choice of bold colors and sleek shapes, elegant and trendy prescription frames attract attention with their modernity, creativity, and opulence. Each pair is made from resilient materials to ensure undeniable functionality, comfort, and perfect fit. Prada eyeglasses are a choice of confident, stylish, and contemporary women who follow the latest vogue trends and appreciate incredible quality in every detail.