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Prada Sunglasses for Men

Prada™ - PS 52VS

$158.95 - $191.44

Prada™ - PS 05VS

$135.71 - $175.55

Prada™ - Active PS 10US

$150.30 - $172.73

Prada™ - PR 06WS

$182.08 - $424.39

Prada™ - PR 18WS

$173.29 - $206.37

Prada™ - PR 51WS

$198.24 - $235.23

Prada™ - PR 59WS

$171.56 - $204.30

Prada™ - PR 61WS

$202.69 - $218.69

Prada™ - PS 50XS

$173.09 - $198.54

Prada™ - PS 51XS

$187.34 - $197.52

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Prada™ - PR 05XSF

$164.71 - $204.30

Prada™ - PR 19XS

$202.20 - $239.23

Prada™ - PR 19XSF

$202.20 - $217.12

Prada™ - PR 63XS

$198.24 - $232.85

Known for its intellectual style, high-quality sunglasses from the fashion house Prada contribute to the creation of a stylish and aristocratic image. The brand produces chic accessories in a modern minimalist design for both the female audience and the men who are inspired by the Prada style, which is a symbiosis of conservatism, ostentatious luxury, and aggressive sexuality. Exactly this unique style, coupled with impeccable quality, made Prada the greatest brand in the European and American fashion markets, and its owner, Miuccia Prada - one of the most influential people in the fashion business.

Prada's success star shone on the fashion horizon back in 1913, when the Italian Mario Prada first introduced exclusive products to the market using unusual materials: walrus and python skin, tortoiseshell, and rare tree species. Semi-precious stones were used as decor. Initially, the company was called Fratelli Prada, and over time, the brand won an increasing number of wealthy customers who were satisfied with the excellent quality and original designs of the brand's creations. The history of the brand was filled with various events - there were both dizzying ups and serious problems. In 1979, when the company was on the verge of bankruptcy, Mario Prada's granddaughter, Miuccia Prada, took control.

Instead of expensive leather bags, that practically ceased to be sold, Miuccia Prada launched the production of bags from nylon, which was popular in those days. The success was stunning: in the wardrobe of every fashionista, such an accessory has become a must. Having thus improved the financial position of the company, Miuccia launched a new direction for the brand - pret-a-porter designer clothes. Against the backdrop of a riot of colors and a variety of styles from other brands, Prada clothes stood out with their restrained shades and exquisite elegance. As a result, the brand immediately got fans of minimalism.

Prada produces men's and women's clothing and stylish accessories, among which Prada eyewear deserves special attention, captivating with meticulous attention to detail. The collections of sunglasses and frames are characterized by spectacular style and a variety of design solutions. The first collection of Prada eyewear appeared in 2000 and immediately became a success. The hype generated by the collection of square, thick-rimmed glasses has led to Prada accessories being awarded an international award by the American Council of Fashion Designers. Eyewear created by the Italian company Luxottica is designed for those who are quite sophisticated in matters of fashion and appreciate the high quality and innovative design of frames of the famous brand.

For over a century, Prada has been synonymous with refinement, luxury, and cutting-edge style. Merging technological excellence and modern aesthetics, the manufacturer creates high-end products, sought-after by millions of men and women all around the globe. Prada designs and brings to life ready-to-wear, shoes, fragrances, travel items, and accessories, including watches and eyewear. Prada sunglasses feature sophisticated elegance and unbeatable quality and come in an array of designs, colors, and materials, so you'll find a pair to suit every season and wardrobe.

Specially designed for elegant, active, and contemporary men, the latest Prada shades and frames are characterized by strong lines and bold aesthetics. Classic, all-loved silhouettes are reinterpreted in a sporty way to provide a fashionable, modern look. Most frames feature ergonomic nose pads to ensure a comfortable fit. The unique construction of the temples creates a dynamic, sporty effect. Discover the Prada sunglasses collection for men and pick up your perfect new pair of shades from an all-inclusive range of modern and eye-catching shapes and colors. Join the league of fashion-forward men by wearing outstanding Prada sunnies.