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Prada Sunglasses

Prada™ - Duple PR 57WS

$253.48 - $269.18

Prada™ - PR 55YS

$237.89 - $263.44

Prada™ - PS 52VS

$158.95 - $191.44

Prada™ - PR 51WS

$198.24 - $235.23

Prada™ - PR 60WS

$202.69 - $216.48

Prada™ - PR 56YS

$237.89 - $263.44

Prada™ - PR 61WS

$202.69 - $218.69

Prada™ - PS 51XS

$187.34 - $197.52

Fashion accessories such as Prada sunglasses are in great demand by modern fashionistas. Showbiz stars and celebrities, appearing in public, often show off world-famous Prada frames to create an aura of mystery and meet fashion trends. Prada company was founded in 1913 by two brothers Mario and Martino whose business was connected with bags and travel accessories. The goods produced by the Prada brothers, whose company was originally called Fratelli Prada, stood out clearly from the rest of the products of this market niche of that time.

Prada travel bags demonstrated a unique, inimitable design, and high-quality materials used for their manufacture: first-class textiles, soft exotic leather, natural suede. All this allowed the Prada family to attract the most successful and wealthy people in Italy that became their regular customers. In 1958, Luisa Prada took over the leadership of the company, replacing her retired father. This time was marked as a new era in the history of the brand. Exclusive bags stood out among similar products of other brands with exquisite decoration using semi-precious stones and natural crystals, elements from rare woods, tortoise shells, python skin.

In 1978, Mario's granddaughter, Miuccia Prada, took over the helm of the company. Miuccia Prada who was passionate about the design of accessories entered the family business and continued producing high-quality bags and luggage. The women's shoe collection was released in 1979 and was accepted well by fashion critics. This pushed Prada to continue working in new directions. A creative person, Miuccia radically changed her approach to business and began developing a new brand philosophy - launching clothing and accessories lines as necessary attributes of self-expression. She brought in leading fashion designers to create original models that traditionally remained luxurious and exclusive and emphasized the status and position in society.

Through the decades the production line of Prada expanded with the addition of stylish moderately ascetic clothes with clean lines, luxurious fabrics, and basic color selections. The philosophy of the brand is to fearlessly experiment with design trying new styles to create recognizable iconic images full of restrained elegance, sophistication, and impeccable sense of style, embodied in the smallest details of each item of clothes or accessories. Today the brand offers a wide range of fashion products from ready-to-wear and shoes to accessories including optical collections, exquisite leather goods, perfumes and more.

Brand's sunglasses for men and women are valued for uncompromising quality, Italian craftsmanship, original design with intricate details, and fashion-forward accents. Prada sunglasses combine refined style with fashionable design, durability, and comfort. They perfectly fit and bring the wearer a feeling of awesomeness and style. If you're in search of classic rectangular styles or glamorous oversized frames with unique accents and chic silhouettes - Prada gives a huge selection of great designs, colors, and concepts either for ambitious and self-confident or for romantic and emotional persons. You will definitely like the provided choice of colors and materials with glossy or matte finishes.

Lightweight modern materials, among which acetate is preferred, clean natural lines, noble laconic finishes - all these are signs of Prada's unique style, interpreted by masters of optical design. Prada glasses for men and women are perfect for creating an intellectual and elegant look, they are worn with special pleasure and are relevant for more than one season. Add some classic elegance, modern chic, or vintage charm to your look with Prada sunglasses to reveal your excellent luxurious style. Explore the exclusive collection of sunglasses for men and women from the Prada brand which is well-known for its provocative fashion products and innovative style that anticipates and often defines new trends in the industry.