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Rag & Bone Eyeglasses

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Rag & Bone™ - RNB3006

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Rag & Bone™ - RNB7014

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The moment you put your eyeglasses on, they become a part of your personality. That is why it is so crucial to choose the right pair! Rag & Bone is one of those brands you can rely on when it comes to quality and stylish eyeglasses. The brand offers an exclusive eyewear collection that features sophisticated, timeless designs, which never lose their charm. They perfectly fit and bring their wearer the feeling of awesomeness and coolness. The Rag & Bone designers masterfully combine different colors, finishes, and textures, paying much attention to details and decoration in order to achieve the grand effect. In the online store EyeOns you will find a large selection of stylish and elegant eyewear for every taste and whim. Complete your look with comfortable and beautiful eyeglasses. 

According to the words of the Rag & Bone’s chief executive, Mr. Marcus Wainwright, the best-quality products will always be worth investing in. That is why, only high-grade materials and latest techniques are used by craftsmen to create unmatched eyeglasses that are both super comfortable and extremely stylish. You will definitely like the provided choice of materials with glossy or matte finishes. Each pair of eyeglasses is designed in New York and features a combination of classic English tailoring with an edgy yet elegant New York aesthetics. So, once you’re in need of a pair of top-grade eyeglasses perfect for both work and play, choose from extraordinary styles offered by Rag & Bone. Please note that all models of this brand are made of durable and environmentally friendly materials that are safe for the skin of the face. 

Rag & Bone frames from the latest collection are non-toxic and non-allergenic, and fully comply with international quality and emission standards. There are four types of materials available – titanium, metal, plastic and acetate. They are reliable and safe, but have stylistic differences for owners. Titanium and metal frames are worn by high-profile politicians and big businessmen at important meetings, but even they prefer plastic and other softer materials for informal settings. Choose the type of frame according to your taste preferences. Full-rimmed and semi-rimmed glasses are present in the brand's portfolio. Kate Shade offers a wide range of frame shapes to suit every face type. Use the filter if you already know which shape suits you best.

Recently, glasses are most often used by successful people not only for vision correction, but also as a fashion accessory that complements the style. When choosing frames from Rag & Bone and other brands, pay attention to their fit and size, which you can find on the scale for lenses, temples and frames. For many of us, the most important thing is how glasses look on our face. Rag & Bone accessories are a great addition to your style, especially if you already wear clothes and shoes from this brand. If you don't know what frame suits you, ask a trusted friend or an experienced image maker for advice. We recommend a few simple rules. First, the frame should be in harmony with a noticeable feature in your appearance, such as eye color.

Secondly, the shape of the frame should be in opposition to the shape of your face. For a square face with a heavy chin, large rounded glasses with bright or dark frames and a low bracket are suitable. Rectangular or square frames with wide temples will perfectly complement a round face. Cat-eye and rimless glasses will look good on a triangular face. Any frame will suit an oval face shape. The main rule – width of the frame should be equal to the widest part of the face. An elongated face can be visually corrected by a model in which the height of the lens is greater than the width. A diamond-shaped face is quite rare, but for this type there is a good option in which the emphasis is on the eyebrow line, for example, oval or Cat-Eye frames.

Our experts will be happy to provide information and technical support at every stage of interaction with the client. Browse and order accessories from the best manufacturers at any time of the day or night. Regardless of the materials used, we guarantee the impeccable quality of each model and prompt delivery to any location. In addition, you can visit the pages of other brands presented in the EyeOns catalog – Diane Von Furstenberg, Banana Republic, Longines and so on. If you're a fan of the American lifestyle, shop Rag and Bone clothing and accessories. Looking stylish and casual is not so difficult if you know where to buy the right things. EyeOns values the trust of its customers, and therefore carefully selects its trading partners and the products they offer.