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Safilo Eyeglasses

Safilo™ - STAYSAFE2

$20.50 - $22.00

Safilo™ - Lente 02

$136.00 - $140.25

Safilo™ - Linea/T 09

$117.57 - $119.07

Safilo™ - 0001

$51.24 - $52.74

Safilo™ - 0002

$51.24 - $52.74

Safilo™ - 0004/N

$58.45 - $59.95

Safilo™ - 0005/N

$48.00 - $58.45

Safilo™ - Buratto 01

$112.05 - $113.55

Safilo™ - Buratto 02

$112.05 - $113.55

Safilo™ - Buratto 03

$100.00 - $113.55

Safilo™ - Buratto 04

$112.05 - $127.40

Safilo™ - Buratto 05

$112.05 - $113.55

Safilo™ - Buratto 06

$100.00 - $127.40

Belonging to the world's second largest eyewear manufacturer, Safilo Group S.P.A., the Safilo brand reflects the Italian ability to create the good, the splendid, the first-rate. The ideal harmony of Italian craftsmanship tradition and technical innovations has made Safilo eyewear one of the most liked and trusted across the globe. The collection offers elegant frames in a huge assortment of chic silhouettes for men and women.

Safilo eyewear is carefully crafted to exacting quality standards. Inspired by the genuine Italian craftsmanship, Safilo prides itself on utilizing the latest techniques to create glasses of unsurpassed quality. Their innovative patented Safilo Elasta hinge, or e-hinge, was designed to ensure superior durability through seasons of wear and tear. The unique spring system is built to withstand the toughest conditions, which is an extraordinary improvement over traditional hinges. This original design allows for the hinge to perfectly fit any face shape. In addition to adult’s eyewear collection, Safilo offers special frames for children that come under the Kids by Safilo brand name. Every pair of kids’ eyeglasses is made with special care of children’s eyes in mind. That is why they are super light, safe, ergonomic, extra comfortable and bio-based. In order to make the glasses lightweight yet sturdy, Safilo utilizes extremely light materials allowing the weight of the eyewear to be almost imperceptible on the kid’s face. As a result, all frames weigh less than 18 grams. Always staying firm on the nose, Kids by Safilo eyeglasses are a perfect choice for children who love to jump, play, run, fly and have much to do. Other words to say, they are perfect for all kids.

So, whether you’re looking for a pair of high-quality and stylish eyeglasses to meet all your practical and aesthetic needs or in search of highly reliable glasses for your kid, look no further than this timeless eyewear collection from Safilo.