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Safilo Glasses and Eyewear

Safilo™ - STAYSAFE2

$20.50 - $22.00

Safilo is the second-largest optical company in the world. The brand manufactures and distributes spectacle frames, sunglasses, sports, and ski eyewear. Safilo is constantly collaborating with leading ophthalmologists, optometrists, and optical networks and doing a lot of research work. Most of the company's products are produced at three Italian factories, as well as an additional factory in Slovenia, the USA, and China. Fashion products from Safilo are sold in 130 countries around the world. Brand collections have undoubtedly become a reflection of the taste of consumers. The new sunglasses and frames are strong and light, but at the same time eccentric and bright. The use of titanium - an extremely light, strong, and hypoallergenic material - became the basis of the models launched by Safilo over a decade.

Safilo is a world-renowned eyewear brand, whose name is associated with ultimate quality and timeless elegance. It is one of the core brands belonging to Safilo Group, - the world’s second-largest manufacturer of eyewear. Safilo Group’s portfolio is an impressive one; it counts more than 20 prestigious brands, including worldwide famous Dior, Fendi, David Beckham, Marc Jacobs, Love Moschino, Tommy Hilfiger, Pierre Cardin, Elie Saab, and Givenchy, just to name a few. Among its core brands are Polaroid, Carrera, Smith, Privé Revaux, Blenders, and Safilo. The manufacturer is focused on improving production flexibility, creative abilities, and – most importantly, on exceeding the quality standards set by their most demanding customers.

There are four Safilo lines in total, the first of which is Safilo Design. These products are designed for the elegant wearer, it is a stylish and functional accessories. The glasses are presented without unusual lines and shapes, with a modern design, and a light and versatile silhouette. The second line - Safilo Glamour, was created for stylish women. Such seductive line frames give their wearer an elegant look of timeless classics. The third division is the Safilo Elasta, eyewear whose hallmarks are usefulness and accessory power offered at affordable prices. And the fourth collection - Seventh Street. It focuses on young people and adults and is filled with models reflecting a cutting-edge spirit and bubbly personality.

The unique combination of Italian craftsmanship traditions and the latest innovations have made Safilo eyewear one of the most trusted and admired across the globe. The brand stands for the quality and reliability of its glasses, utilizing the most advanced techniques and highest quality materials. Safilo’s engineers are striving to make an accent on the authentic charm and unique physical properties of each material used. Whether acetate, stainless steel, titanium, or any other metal alloy - it is meticulously shaped for superior strength, enduring elegance, and maximum visual impact. Each Safilo frame can boast an exclusive design that is a perfect blend of superior craftsmanship and up-to-date tech comforts.


Being a truly Italian brand, Safilo has always tried to preserve and strengthen the authentic mastery that Italy has achieved in eyewear production. The timeless tradition of sophisticated elegance and carefully considered refinement are at the core values of Safilo. The history of the internationally-trusted brand started in 1934 in the Cadore region, which is the world recognized area for the creation of the highest-grade glasses. For over 85 years, Safilo has been highly passionate about designing and engineering unique eyewear that provides both elegant look and exceptional comfort. To recall components and manufacturing techniques originally deriving from Italian eyewear craftsmanship, Safilo frames are called Buratto, Calibro, Registro, Canalino, etc.

Safilo eyewear is well-liked all over the globe thanks to its slender silhouettes and sophisticated design. The frames are extremely lightweight as well. An innovative take on the everlasting riveted construction results in improved lightweight properties of classic eyewear materials such as metal and titanium, but also acetate. Safilo designers created the rivets that serve not only practical but also an aesthetic purpose. They greatly contribute to the reliability of the construction, as well as make these glasses a powerful style statement. In other words to say, Safilo eyewear is a perfect coalescence between contemporary appeal and timeless elegance.


Safilo is an internationally acclaimed Italian eyewear manufacturer, trusted throughout the industry for its top-grade eyeglasses, sunglasses, and sports eyewear. Volcanic imagination and deeply committed work have made Safilo able to provide its customers with endless choices and options to help them foster their good vision. The company can boast of an impressive international distribution network in Europe, North and Latin America, China and Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. In other words, Safilo is truly dedicated to quality distribution of its eyewear products throughout the world.

Safilo has a rich Italian heritage dating back to 1878, when the first official artisan workshop was opened in the northern town of Calalzo di Cadore, Italy. It was the beginning of an impressive success story that completes its 142nd year. The Safilo brand name was launched in 1934 by Guglielmo Tabacchi, who was the first to open the Italian production site and establish a new eyewear company. During the Second World War, Safilo was forcefully obligated to manufacture a single type of eyeglasses, a celluloid frame in two colors, which were all provided to Germany. When the war ended, the company expanded its operations to Italy and America. In the 1970s, Safilo opened sales departments in other European countries, patented its unique Elasta hinge, and launched its first collection of highly popular UFO sunglasses. In the 1980s, Safilo started to release its exclusive designer collections and took full control of Starline Optical Corp, the American eyewear company.

Nowadays, Safilo is one of the world's leading and most trusted manufacturers of eyeglasses and sunglasses, as well as other optical products, including contact lenses and frames. It is a «creator» brand, the one that engineers and crafts eyeglasses of enduring value and the highest quality. In each and every Safilo frame there’s a perfect balance of strong attention to every detail, skillful use of materials and unique features, resulting in an outstanding visual impact and a perfect fit.