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Safilo Sunglasses

The collection of Safilo sunglasses provides unique Techno-Aesthetic Comfort, as they call it at Safilo. It means that every pair of eyewear ensures both stylish elegant looks and superior comfort that lasts. The ergonomic anti-slip tips mildly improve the grip of the temples, while the built-in refined nose pads ensure a soft feel and perfect custom fit.  When it comes to materials, Safilo’s approach is focused on accentuating the natural charm and key physical properties of each material. Stainless steel, titanium, acetate, and other high-grade metal alloys are utilized for long-lasting elegance, superior durability and impressive visual impact.

To stand out from the rest in the industry, Safilo launches its unique e-hinge, which is the result of the creative approach and technological achievements reached in more than 40 years since the introduction of the first Elasta hinge, a world-famous trademark of Safilo dependability. This innovative hinge is a technologically advanced solution that allows the temples to perfectly fit each face shape, ensuring unrivalled comfort and convenience. By choosing Safilo sunglasses, you get nothing but utmost reliability, superior fit and finish; eye-popping color combinations, beautiful details and exceptional comfort. Browse the collection of luxury sunglasses and choose from retro-inspired cat-eyes, evergreen aviators, classic rectangles and tailored ovals.