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Timberland Eyeglasses

Timberland™ - TB1589

$75.65 - $83.75

Timberland™ - TB1594

$82.94 - $93.93

Timberland™ - TB1596

$75.65 - $85.26

Timberland™ - TB1607

$79.01 - $93.93

Timberland™ - TB1619

$89.02 - $101.15

Timberland™ - TB1636

$75.65 - $83.75

Timberland™ - TB1648

$92.38 - $107.88

Timberland™ - TB1669

$89.02 - $99.37

Timberland™ - TB1676

$87.52 - $89.02

Timberland's footwear production began in 1973 thanks to Nathan Schwartz, who invented a new shoe technology and released the world's first waterproof boots. After that, the company gained wide popularity. The yellow color of the shoes is one of the main differences between Timberland boots and the collections of other shoe brands and the first thing that buyers paid attention to. Considering that in those days shoes in bright, defiant colors were new, it remains a mystery why this unconventional color for shoes was chosen. But thanks to this original color, it was possible to demonstrate all the advantages of the shoes. In 1979, a large-scale advertising campaign carried out by the brand proved that the unusual yellow shoes were made to last - after all, no matter what they did with them, but after drying and light cleaning, the shoes looked like new.

Today, Timberland's assortment has significantly expanded: under this brand they produce not only footwear, but also a wide selection of comfortable and bright casual clothes for children and adults, as well as high-quality leather goods and accessories. Undoubtedly, the brand's accessories, especially glasses, deserve attention. The frames have been produced since 2004 by the Italian company Marcolin, which is known for its impeccability and ability to create unique products of high quality and on-rend designs. A modern classic that perfectly matches the style of casual wear - this is how the brand's eyeglasses can be characterized. The Timberland eyewear collection is dominated by traditional frame shapes - rectangular and square, full-rim and rimless, sophisticated thin frames and models with thick frames exuding vintage touches. Stylish and quality eyewear items with the famous American oak depicted on the logo, are very comfortable for everyday wear, both for work and for moments of relaxation.