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Timberland Sunglasses for Men

Timberland is a popular American brand of comfortable, and stylish footwear, clothing, and accessories that are distinguished by their impeccable workmanship, uniqueness, and unusual design solutions. Timberland footwear production began in 1973 thanks to Nathan Schwartz, who, like his ancestors devoted himself to creating shoes. A shoemaker has come up with new technology for the production of shoes. The innovative idea was an injection molding technique that helped to fasten the leather upper of the shoe and a rubber sole without stitching it with threads. Shoes made with the new technology have significantly increased their water resistance.

Thanks to this invention, the world-famous waterproof Timberland yellow boots appeared. Then the first collection of men's clothing for outdoor activities was released, followed by a line of women's and kids' sportswear and footwear. Celebrating the brand's heritage, Marcolin released the first Timberland eyewear collection in 2003. The brand's glasses have become the personification of freedom for energetic and active people. These are basic accessories that combine classic shapes and modern designs. They will not leave indifferent those who prefer laconic style and elegance, who value comfort and quality while paying attention to fashion trends.