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Tom Ford Magnetic Clip On Eyewear Collection

Tom Ford™ - FT5532-B


$278.70 - $363.09

It is a well-known fact that Tom Ford is a prosperous and world-known designer, the conqueror of countless design awards. But not everyone knows that his popularity in fashion started to grow in 1994. He made a lot of unique collaborations with famous fashion houses and in April 2005 the designer created a brand that was named after him. Tom Ford started cooperation with Marcolin Group to manufacture and distribute eyewear and optical frames in that same year. This is undoubted that Tom Ford is a trendsetter, a fashion icon who carries on to create new and unique style trends. A company’s vision of fashionable eyewear is noticeable in all eyeglasses and sunglasses that include attention to detail, high-quality materials, and unique and extraordinary designs.

Tom Ford Magnetic Clip On Eyewear Collection

Tom Ford’s Magnetic Clip On collection is full of elegant and sophisticated glasses. The designer emphasizes the power of eyewear due to the fact that this is an eye-catching accessory. All high-quality eyewear in this collection was made in Italy, of the finest and top-rated materials such as metal, plastic, and eco-friendly acetate. The sunglasses and eyeglasses combine both modern and retro influences. All Tom Ford’s products are instantly marked by the sophisticated metal “T” detail, the inarguable icon element of the brand. Glasses from this collection are high-fashioned and high functioned at the same time. In addition, the optical eyewear featured innovative Blue Block lens technology that reduces the feeling of eye fatigue due to excessive use of gadgets and also improves visual comfort.

Tom Ford Magnetic Clip On Eyeglasses

If you are looking for aviator sunglasses that are in fashion this year you definitely should pay attention to the FT5683-B model. Browline sunglasses are still in fashion today. As you know this eyewear shape reached its apotheosis in the 1950s and 1960s but it is gained its popularity one more time, and today they keep completing outfits adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. Browline shape customizes appearance and accentuates facial features, especially cheekbones. These eyeglasses are available in shiny black color and dark Havana color which will be suitable for any type of outfit for any occasion and event.

Tom Ford Magnetic Clip On Frames

If you prefer the fashionable square shape of eyeglasses you definitely should look through a modern FT5682-B model. Truth be told, square eyewear will be suitable for any type of face. Besides they will help you complete any of your outfits and will become an essential part of your wardrobe. They can easily slip into your small purse or pocket. A contemporary FT5690-B model has the same square shape too. However, they are not identical to the previous eyeglasses. This eyewear has a slightly elongated frame that resembles the Cat-eye shape and provides a magic effect that can spice up your look. Available in different sizes they guarantee you a perfect fit.

Almost impossible to ignore, geometric glasses are chosen by many modern people who want to emphasize their confidence and be in the spotlight. If you want to stand out from the crowd as well as improve your vision, these FT5532-B geometric eyeglasses can be a perfect solution. Designed for confident customers, geometric eyeglasses will be perfect to express your strong sides and individual character. This eyewear is available in a number of classic shades which create a single look with any style of clothing. Another stunning Tom Ford eyewear named FT5641-B is made from high-quality plastic. The main reason that plastic material is better than anyone else is that sunglasses knew to be lighter in weight and also stronger.