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Tom Ford Sunglasses

Tom Ford™ - FT0513 Morgan

$226.76 - $250.51

Tom Ford™ - FT0904 Aurele

$217.26 - $243.39

Tom Ford™ - FT0937 Nora

$229.14 - $262.39

Tom Ford™ - FT0144 Marko

$233.89 - $262.39

Tom Ford is an iconic designer whose contribution to the world of fashion can’t be overestimated. Being the trendsetter in the industry, he creates unique products that are appreciated worldwide, from dresses and bags to jewelry and eyewear. In April 2005, the couturier announced the partnership with the Marcolin Group, the leading company in the eyewear industry. Together they design and produce outstanding sunglasses and optical frames under the Tom Ford name. The brand’s core principles and values are reflected in its eyewear collection as well: these are high-end products, meticulously crafted in Italy with painstaking attention to every detail. The unique combination of glamorous allure and modernity can be seen in each frame.

When it comes to exclusive, luxury, and refined eyewear - Tom Ford sunglasses are just the ticket. They feature an innovative and sometimes provocative design, boasting chic details and dazzling embellishments that will never go out of style. Each frame comes with instantly recognizable metal “T” detail, the identifying icon of the brand. Among the most popular styles are the Marco aviators, the oversized Whitney, the extravagant Neughman, the soft-square Jenifer, the cosmic Wyatt, just to name a few. Look through the full collection of Tom Ford sunglasses for men and women and find the perfect pair that will surely make a bold and memorable statement.

Everyone knows and loves Tom Ford eyewear. The man who in just two years became the art director of the Gucci house eventually opened his own fashion house, Tom Ford. His collections of sunglasses are a fairly young line of stylish accessories that has been on the market for a little less than 20 years. The author of this brand never dreamed of being a trendsetter, but he still managed to get into the vortex of fashion and gain worldwide recognition. The first phrase that comes to most people's minds when they think of Tom Ford eyewear is the word elegance. The smoothness and severity of the lines of designer frames, and thoughtful attention to every detail. This is what makes people around the world love the fashion house Tom Ford, whose eyeglasses and sunglasses are popular almost everywhere. The brand's products are aimed at modern and dynamic people.

Tom Ford was born in Texas. Probably, it was the arid climate that hardened the man who managed to prove to the whole world that there are no obstacles for him. And Tom Ford sunglasses are a strong argument for this. However, before the presentation of his brand, Tom managed to work for many famous people, breathing new life into their creative achievements. In 1994, it was the Gucci fashion house, where Ford held the position of creative director. The same job was waiting for him in the 2000s, but already in another company that belonged to Yves Saint Laurent. Having gained invaluable experience, in 2005 Tom Ford confidently told the press that soon everyone will be wearing sunglasses of his own brand. And the designer was right. He skillfully managed to combine the luxury of the golden age of Hollywood, which he was a fan of, as well as the immortal vintage style. The glasses became a unique symbiosis of modernity and retro, and this was emphasized by noble materials and interesting details.  

Despite the rapid change in fashion trends, Tom Ford accessories always remain timeless.  And all because they successfully emphasize the main thing: the natural beauty of the face, individual features, and unique facial expressions of each person. All Tom Ford eyewear collections are one of a kind. The same can be said about many other designer accessories of this fashion house. They are unique! The optics used in the production of glasses is a reliable protector of your eyes from ultraviolet radiation. All lines of glasses are made exclusively in Italy. New collections amaze with the boldness of ideas and creativity of design. The process of manufacturing frames is under the close attention of experienced technologists of the company. In production, only high-quality materials and optics are used.  This attitude to the production process has allowed the Tom Ford brand to take one of the leading positions in the world among eyewear manufacturers.

The main criterion according to which it is worth choosing glasses of this brand is that all of them are presented in the widest range of colors. For example, it is impossible to remain indifferent to bright pink, calm gray or deep violet. Undoubtedly, one cannot do without the classics. You can find Tom Ford's glasses in black and brown. The variety of forms of this brand is simply amazing in its originality. You can purchase glasses of such shapes: round, Aviator, geometric, etc. Depending on the style of clothing you prefer, you can find what you need. After all, such an accessory will look good with both classic and sports styles, as well as casual. Thanks to such a wide variety of shapes, the accessory of this brand can be chosen for any type of face. Choose and feel free to experiment, find the option that suits you. At EyeOns stylish sunglasses are offered in the widest variety.