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Under Armour Sunglasses

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Products: 124 of 43

Under Armour is the largest sports concern in the US market, which has already overtaken Adidas and is second only to Nike in terms of sales of sportswear and footwear. The history of this now popular brand began when Kevin Plank, as the captain of the football team in Maryland, USA, set out to create comfortable clothes for training. Immersed in researching questions, Kevin soon became the head of one of the advanced brands with many patented technologies that are used in the production of sportswear. Sportswear is crafted from the patented PolyArmour material for unrivaled comfort.

The moisture-wicking characteristic allows sweat to be transported faster to the surface of the fabric, where the liquid expands and evaporates. Thus, during intense exercise, the athlete maintains an optimal body surface temperature. The antibacterial impregnation of the fabric prevents the growth of bacteria. UPF treatment provides excellent UV protection. Under Armour continues to lead the way in innovative sportswear technology with a variety of designs that improve the training experience of sports professionals and sports enthusiasts.

The brand is known for its classy sunglasses that are suitable not only for professional athletes but also for lovers of an active lifestyle. The collection includes both sporty wrap-around models and more versatile urban models that will become indispensable for protecting the eyes from the harmful radiation that can adversely affect eye health. Under Armour has expanded the list of well-known brands for which Safilo designs and distributes optical collections. The sunglass models from the new collection are equipped with adjustable rubber memory foam arms made of nitinol, which provide high flexibility and durability, with automatic locking of the locking hinges. The sunglasses are made of extremely lightweight material and will be very comfortable for everyday wear.