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Cazal™ - 668/3

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668/3 Description & Specifications

668/3 Sunglasses by Cazal™. The round shape design feature a full rim acetate and metal frame. This model is available in four different color combinations and sizes. The CAZAL “668” is a trendsetting hybrid model in the style of the legendary CAZAL “958”, technically sophisticated, with eye-rings in an acetate-metal combination.

When it comes to eyewear that exudes luxury, style and a touch of nostalgia, Cazal is a brand that stands out from the rest. With a rich history spanning over four decades, Cazal has established itself as a prominent name in the fashion eyewear industry, known for its bold designs and attention to detail. In particular, the Cazal All Legends Collection showcases the brand's iconic aesthetic and has garnered a devoted following. One of the defining features of Cazal eyewear is its distinctive and avant-garde design language. The Cazal All Legends Collection takes this to another level, paying homage to the brand's most iconic and influential styles from the past. Each pair in this collection embodies the essence of Cazal's heritage while incorporating modern elements to ensure they remain relevant and fashion-forward.

Model 668/3
Frame Material Acetate and Metal
Frame Shape Round
Frame Type Full Rim
Type Sunglasses
Gender Unisex
Style Casual
Manufacturer Cazal
Warranty 2 years

About Cazal

Cazal Legends

Cazal's history dates back to 1975 when the brand was founded by designer Cari Zalloni. With a passion for eyewear and a desire to push boundaries, Zalloni set out to create eyewear that would make a bold statement. His innovative designs quickly gained attention and admiration, establishing Cazal as a trendsetter in the industry. Throughout the years, Cazal has continued to push the boundaries of eyewear design, combining artistry, craftsmanship, and a distinct aesthetic that sets them apart from other brands. The brand has cemented its status as a global powerhouse, captivating fashion-forward individuals who appreciate the brand's ability to seamlessly blend boldness, innovation, and impeccable craftsmanship into every pair of eyewear.

The Cazal All Legends Collection, which became an iconic part of the brand's offerings, was created to pay homage to the brand's most influential styles from the past. Introduced in the late 2000s, this collection was inspired by the vibrant hip-hop culture of the 80s, which played a significant role in shaping Cazal's identity. The oversized frames, intricate detailing, and bold color combinations found in the All Legends Collection reflect the audacious and self-assured spirit of that era. This collection not only captures the essence of Cazal's heritage but also infuses it with modern elements, making the eyewear relevant and sought-after by fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Cazal - Legends Collection

The Cazal Legends collection is a testament to the brand's unparalleled impact on the eyewear industry. These models hold an esteemed place in eyewear history, becoming true cultural icons. With their trailblazing look deeply rooted in the hip-hop style of the 80s, Cazal All Legends exude a self-assured character that remains distinct from the ever-changing Zeitgeist, making them timeless symbols of individuality and style. The Cazal All Legends Collection boasts unparalleled boldness and style. With extravagant shapes, intricate details, and vibrant color combinations, these eyewear pieces are not for the faint of heart. Wearing a pair from this collection is like wearing a work of art on a face, allowing a person to showcase his individuality and express his unique sense of style. In addition to their eye-catching designs, the Cazal All Legends Collection is also exceptionally versatile, making these frames the ideal choice for any occasion.

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Avant-Garde Designs

The brand glasses showcase unique shapes, intricate detailing, and vibrant colors, setting them apart from conventional eyewear.

Impeccable Craftsmanship

Every frame from the All Legends Collection is meticulously constructed using premium materials, ensuring durability and comfort

Limited Edition Exclusivity

Cazal releases limited quantities of certain models, adding an extra layer of desirability and exclusivity to their eyewear collections