Round Glasses Frames for Men and Women

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Products: 124 of 1360


The name of that genius artificer who was one of the first to make a pair of round glasses has been lost in time. It won't be crazy to assume that precisely round-shaped glasses were the grandparents of modern eyewear which afterwards evolved into those whole lotta shapes and styles which are all around us today.
Naturally those first forerunners of modern round eyewear were purely functional and far from pretending to be a stylish image thing. Suffice it to recall the scarcity of materials which were used for frames making. Just imagine you're wearing such accessory crafted from weighty metals like plumbum or iron.
In our era of zillion materials and shapes Round glasses are still being worn. Moreover, they continue to hold their timeless niche among other vintage and classic eyeglasses.
Round glasses had definitely enhanced their place in the fashion world. Thanks to hippies of sixties with their love and peace movement, and to those deep thought intellectuals who were iconic in different periods of modernity, round glasses are still en vogue.
Round glasses' key feature is their distinctive curved, circular shaped lens that is equal or almost equal in width and height. This shape is a very classic retro style for both women and men. It will certainly work to create a cute image of a smart bookworm, or become the last drop to make you the hot rock star, or just be a bridge between your inner world profoundness and a real social life. You are not limited to wear round glasses for any definite occasions. Just follow your fantasy adding this circular masterpiece into your everyday life.