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Round Glasses Frames for Men and Women

Boss™ - 0932

$107.88 - $117.94

Adidas™ - OR5001-H

$87.80 - $90.23

Adidas™ - OR5006

$75.65 - $78.08

Adidas™ - OR5014-H

$85.37 - $87.80

Adidas™ - OR5015-H

$85.37 - $87.80

Adidas™ - SP0011

$65.38 - $119.16

Adidas™ - SP5001

$73.21 - $82.41

Adidas™ - SP5002

$73.21 - $82.41

Balenciaga™ - BB0133S

$303.75 - $326.25

BMW™ - BW0007

$141.75 - $175.14

BMW™ - BW5010

$110.70 - $113.40

Bottega Veneta™ - BV0214O

$311.25 - $330.00

Eyeglasses are an incredible invention that has been around for centuries. First appeared in the late 13th century in Italy, they revolutionized how people saw the world by helping those with vision problems to better focus their sight. Before the invention of plastic and special polymers, glasses were seldom made with much thought to style or appearance. In fact, in the thirteenth century, they were typically made from one material: glass. Crafted by artisans with often rudimentary tools, these primitive "spectacles" were usually composed of two lenses joined together by a bridge that connected a pair of glass frames. Enhancing vision at both near and far distances, such rudimentary glasses helped eyeglass wearers attain better vision than ever before without complex medical procedures.

The name of that genius artificer who was one of the first to make a pair of round glasses has been lost in time. It won't be crazy to assume that precisely round-shaped glasses were the grandparents of modern eyewear which afterward evolved into those whole lotta shapes and styles which are all around us today. Naturally, those first forerunners of modern round eyewear were purely functional and far from pretending to be a stylish image thing. Suffice it to recall the scarcity of materials that were used for frame making. Just imagine you're wearing such an accessory crafted from weighty metals like plumbum or iron. In our era of zillion materials and shapes Round glasses are still being worn. Moreover, they continue to hold their timeless niche among other vintage and classic eyeglasses.

Round glasses had definitely enhanced their place in the fashion world. They have been making a comeback and are becoming increasingly popular due to celebrities who have sported the look. Thanks to the hippies of the sixties with their love and peace movement, and to those deep-thought intellectuals who were iconic in different periods of modernity, round-shaped glasses are still en vogue. Round glasses' key feature is their distinctive curved, circular-shaped lens that is equal or almost equal in width and height. This shape is a very classic retro style for both women and men. It will certainly work to create a cute image of a smart bookworm or become the last drop to make you the hot rock star, or just be a bridge between your inner world's profoundness and real social life.

Glasses have come a long way since the early and bulky models. Now, there are so many shapes of glasses available that it can be overwhelming! People all around the world are sure to find perfect glasses fitting their own unique style! Some of the current options include classic Aviators, which have a teardrop shape, Wayfarers, which have a rectangular frame and sharp edges, and Clubmasters, which feature a half-frame design with distressed details on the upper part. There are also Browline eyeglasses, which place emphasis on the upper part of the frame, and nerdy or geeky irregular-shaped frames for those who want to make a fashion statement. Among the most popular styles are Cat-Eye glasses for women who want to rock retro style and horn-rimmed with retro aesthetics for men and women alike.

People who want more subtle variations from classic circle shapes select Oval frames and rimless frames that provide minimalistic sophistication. But round-shaped glasses remain one of the main players at fashion shows every year. Famous brands include round glasses in their new collections. Round glasses have been making a resurgence in fashion trends over the past few years and they show no signs of going out of style anytime soon. Popularized in the 1960s with the help of celebrities like John Lennon, round glasses are once again becoming widely seen with modern-day fashion influencers sporting their own versions. These iconic frames feature an effortless charm that makes them versatile and timeless - perfect for any outfit on any given day. People are not limited to wearing round glasses for any definite occasion. They should just follow their fantasy by adding this circular masterpiece into their everyday life.

With modern advances, metal and plastic frames offer lightweight comfort as well as transparent and colorful lenses to recollect past looks or try out something new. Round glasses can be styled to suit almost any outfit and bring attention to a person's best features, besides they can be the perfect accessory for a variety of face shapes. For those with rounder faces and softer features, this style of glasses adds a hint of stellar elegance that also adds a bit of edge to their style. People with square or oblong faces can also rock this look, as the circles provide some balance to the sharpness of their faces. The frames are versatile and can soften the appearance of sharper features, making them flattering for all types of faces. Additionally, round glasses are a great accessory for those with oval faces, as they help to create balance and accentuate the jawline. With the right pair of round glasses, anyone’s face shape can look like it was made to wear them! In short, these round glasses remain popular today due to their versatility, charm, and universal appeal.