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Cat-Eye Metal Eyeglasses Frame for Kids

Guess™ - GU9193

$55.90 - $142.50

Flexon™ - J4006

$85.44 - $85.44

Choosing the right frames for kids is much more difficult than for adults. To begin with, children are very mobile: they run, climb trees, jump and arrange fun fuss at school or on the playground. Also, the kid may not immediately notice the inconvenience caused by eyeglasses. And finally, for some children, especially in adolescence, the opinion of their peers is much more important than for adults - they want to be unique and look fashionable. When choosing children's glasses that will be worn every day for many hours, you need to focus on light and durable frames. Metal frames match these parameters very well. Many metal alloys are now used in the production of frames, and some of them can cause allergies. Before you buy eyeglasses, be sure to study the composition of the alloy: it is better not to buy frames made using nickel for kids. To understand which frame to choose for a child, it is enough for him or her to spend half an hour in it. There will be enough time to jump and turn the head in all possible directions. If during these half an hour the glasses did not slip off and did not cause discomfort, then you have chosen a reliable and high-quality model. As for fashion and uniqueness, the fact is that fashion is very fickle, but the Cat-eye model has been in trend for many years. It looks very mod and will surely appeal to a little fashionista.