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Browline Titanium Eyeglasses Frame for Men

Bvlgari™ - BV1102TK

$642.33 - $1,185.00

Today, more and more world-famous eyewear manufacturers bring back retro designs by adding a modern and playful twist to the good-old models. Browline frames were a very popular shape back in the 50s and 60, especially in the United States. These glasses feature unique frames that contour the eyes like eyebrows, resulting in bold and distinctive look. They have comfortable construction and provide superior fit, which makes them a perfect choice for those people striving for high-performance prescription glasses. That’s why, browline eyeglasses are among the most popular optical frames for men.

We offer an immense collection of high-end browline eyeglasses for men, made from acetate, stainless steel or titanium. The latter is an extremely lightweight and durable material, utilized by the most reputed eyewear manufacturers for creating their best frames. Browse the selection of premium quality titanium browline eyeglasses and pick up a frame that will give you a touch of elegance with a bold fashion statement for any occasion.