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Browline Eyeglasses for Men

Boss™ - 1125/U

$142.29 - $174.68

Burberry™ - BE1289

$127.68 - $149.58

Ralph Lauren™ - RL5089

$108.11 - $198.00

Saint Laurent™ - SL 124

$303.75 - $345.00

Saint Laurent™ - SL 346

$337.50 - $378.75

Timberland™ - TB1653

$89.02 - $114.49

Ic! Berlin™ - Central


$523.75 - $528.75

For many women, eyeglasses are far more than just an optical device or a fashion add-on. They can be a means of self-expression, a statement of intent. Choosing the right eyeglasses to suit the shape of your face can greatly enhance your features and elevate your style in nothing flat. Inspired by the fashion of the ‘50s and ‘60s, browline eyeglasses are now more trendy than ever. They’ll instantly create the flawless retro-modern fusion for almost any occasion. The name “browline” comes from the design of the frame: it mimics the way eyebrows frame the face.

As a rule, browline glasses feature a semi-rimless frame style, which means that the bottom of the lens isn’t covered by the frame, decreasing the frame’s weight. Plastic and metal frames are the most common options. Expand your eyeglasses collection with a new pair of top-notch women’s browline glasses from the biggest names in the business. We carry only premium quality eyeglasses crafted from the highest grade materials and with utmost attention to detail. So, if you like the timeless design of browlines and want to add an intellectual edge to your look, you’ve come to the right place!