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Rectangle Metal Eyeglasses Frame for Men

Boss™ - 0601/N

$151.23 - $174.68

Boss™ - 0870


$112.64 - $129.96

Boss™ - 0873


$112.64 - $129.96

Boss™ - 1080

$111.29 - $130.15

Boss™ - 1092


$123.08 - $160.33

Boss™ - 1096

$143.18 - $181.04

Boss™ - 1108/F

$129.72 - $166.89

Fashionable and elegant, rectangle eyeglasses mostly suit people with round and oval face shapes. This accessory is chosen by those men who want to have a more masculine, linear, and professional look. Men's rectangle metal eyeglasses are ideal for businessmen in suits to finish their strong and stylish image as well as solve problems with vision. A pair of elegant and fashionable thin spectacles are created from sturdy metal in a shiny or matte finish to suit your unique personality and add structure to the soft shapes of your face.

Our optical online shop offers a great assortment of rectangle metal eyeglasses for men designed in a range of sizes and colors to suit your taste and fit perfectly. Select a pair of high-quality metal glasses crafted by the famed eyewear companies, including Dragon, Guess, Calvin Klein, David Beckham, and many others. We guarantee that every frame from our collection will provide unparalleled comfort and an ideal fit. Pick up your prescription glasses to complete your business outfit and look great at work.