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Round Eyeglasses for Men

Adidas™ - OR5006

$75.65 - $90.93

BMW™ - BW5010

$110.70 - $132.65

Gant™ - GA3115


$93.88 - $120.17

Giorgio Armani™ - AR5057

$167.79 - $220.00

Nike™ - 7280


$109.62 - $118.74

Saint Laurent™ - SL 106


$255.00 - $285.00

Saint Laurent™ - SL 124

$303.75 - $345.00

Saint Laurent™ - SL 125

$303.75 - $345.00

Saint Laurent™ - SL 237/F

$303.75 - $345.00

Saint Laurent™ - SL 347


$157.92 - $315.00

The round frame has been common for centuries long before it became a fashion accessory. In the old days round spectacles were worn by aristocrats and people of intellectual labor - scientists, doctors, writers. In the thirties of the last century round eyeglasses came into fashion as a part of stylish image. Prominent figures of those times appeared at social events wearing round glasses and very soon this kind of accessory was demanded by the general public.The main feature of the round glasses is a perfect rounded shape. As well as glasses of any other shape, round glasses are not suitable for everyone. It is necessary to evaluate the shape of the face, your color type and what clothes round glasses can be combined with.

Best of all this model fits owners of high cheekbones, a sharp chin and a thin nose. Men's eyeglasses of this form are suitable for individuals wearing a beard, mustache or stubble. Being a universal model, it can be easily combined with many types of clothes, including jeans or leather outfits. As for style, round eyeglasses will suit men who prefer casual, sports or business style.