Wayfarer Flexible Metal Eyeglasses & Frames for Men

Wayfarer Flexible Metal Eyeglasses & Frames for Men



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Flexon™ - E1142
Matte Black
Matte Gunmetal
Matte Midnight Plum
3 Colors
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Flexon™ - E1150
Matte Gun/ Marine
Matte Moss/ Light Brown
Matte Light Gold/ Silver
Matte Black/ Copper
4 Colors
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Never before has there been such a diverse range of men's eyeglasses to choose from. Today, even the most technologically-driven and informed consumers may get impressed with eyeglasses. It's all due to the range of materials that glasses can be made from. Now, we want to get your attention and pay it to those items made from flexible metal. We will try to outline all the relevant and beneficial features on this part. Flexible metal is well-known and commonly used due to being lightweight, hypoallergenic, non-corrosive, and strong. Of course, the main thing that makes it a top-notch material is its flexibility which ensures glasses' long life. Besides, working with temperatures well allows coming up with the most laborious shapes. In addition, EyeOns partners with first-class brands to provide you with the best quality possible.

As for Wayfarers themselves, they have been nothing but iconic throughout the decades. Impressing with their stylish look, they managed to become one of the most recognizable types of eyeglasses on the market. For the most curious customers, there's a little back-to-history part. Wayfarers started as sunglasses in 1956 but everyone loved them to such a point that it was inevitable to start producing them as eyeglasses for vision correction or fashion statement purposes as well. Coming in different colors and for different purposes, Wayfarer glasses made from flexible metal will immediately add an accent note to your outfit. Browse through Eyeons catalog and dive into the world of incredibly stylish and good-looking spectacles.