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Butterfly Eyeglasses for Women

Bottega Veneta™ - BV1044O

$300.00 - $311.25

Burberry™ - Calcot BE1341

$133.09 - $275.00

Emporio Armani™ - EA1111

$75.70 - $113.41

Giorgio Armani™ - AR7157

$160.55 - $167.00

Ralph Lauren™ - RA6047

$86.67 - $183.46

Ralph Lauren™ - RA6048

$73.26 - $76.45

Ralph Lauren™ - RA7094

$70.26 - $140.00

Ralph Lauren™ - RA7101

$72.18 - $142.13

Ralph Lauren™ - RA7103

$79.45 - $154.00

Every woman who needs to wear optical frames wants her eyeglasses to suit her wardrobe and style, apart from improving vision. Nowadays, eyeglasses are more just accessories to see the world better – many people wear them to complete their fashionable look. Modern women like to choose eye-catching and impressive shapes, including butterfly eyeglasses. This shape suits any face type and can add an interesting touch to any outfit, whether you are going to work or preparing for a romantic dinner with someone special. Eyewear companies offer a wide selection of women's butterfly eyeglasses in various colors and materials to match any taste. 

Our online store offers a great selection of butterfly eyeglasses for women designed by the leading world-recognized manufacturers, including Calvin Klein, Altair, Dior, GUESS, and many others. We guarantee 100% authenticity, excellent comfort, and top-rated quality of every frame crafted from superior materials by the most skilled eyewear artisans. Discover our collection of butterfly spectacles to complete your unique look with a pair of stylish and eye-catching eyeglasses. Choose from a wide assortment of attractive colors, vivid patterns, and different sizes to get an optical frame to match your personal needs and taste.