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Cat-Eye Acetate Eyeglasses Frame for Women

Anne Klein™ - AK5070

$90.16 - $90.68

Bottega Veneta™ - BV1064O

$288.75 - $300.00

Saint Laurent™ - SL 261

$255.00 - $262.50

Saint Laurent™ - SL 291

$285.00 - $296.25

Balenciaga™ - BB0128O

$154.92 - $262.50

The type of eyewear that will probably blow every fashionista's mind is Cat-eye eyeglasses. They were mainly popular in the 1950s and 1960s, but as we know, the fashion is cyclical and often returns coming in new shapes and variations. Today, it is achievable to please even the most demanding and quite finicky women when they're looking for the perfect eyewear. If you're looking for a decent pair of acetate eyeglasses of this shape, you can pick it up at our online store and wait for a package to get to your hands as soon as possible. Believe us, you will enjoy both the quality and appearance. Just for your information, acetate glasses have become a common choice among many women due to their strength, flexibility, hypoallergenic and beautiful colors.

Lots of people have their idols and role models in the world of fashion and beauty. If you catch yourself thinking that such women as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Windsor, and Elizabeth Taylor are your role models, then you should know they all are the notable wearers of Cat-eye glasses. With those specs, you can recreate any outfit of those standout women and imagine what you would look like if you lived in the 1950s or 1960s. Not only can you imagine, but you can also have some fun and do a photoshoot to capture an iconic look. It doesn't mean you can wear Cat-eyes for photoshoots only, though. They can perfectly complement your stylish outfits for casual walks, work, birthday parties, and other events.