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Cat-eye Eyeglasses for Women

Polaroid™ - PLD D395

$53.90 - $61.06

Adensco™ - AD 234

$58.39 - $59.89

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It is no secret that eyeglasses serve fashion-related purposes, but their main function still belongs to vision sharpening. Although, they have other advantages as well. Let's start with the following important aspects. Firstly, optical frames can be worn by people who work from home using their computers because it is vital to cut out the damaging ultraviolet radiation that comes from the screen. Besides, even outside they slightly enhance your sight and help you to see better. Secondly, eyeglasses prevent eye diseases and possible inflammations. Thirdly, they often serve as a great way to avoid headaches and migraines because they filter out specific wavelengths of light which could become a so-called trigger. As you can see, spectacles have numerous benefits but we're not done yet. Let's go on.

We have already figured out why eyeglasses are so useful for women but what makes them so sought-after apart from their functionality? Of course, the reason lies in the fact that they can easily change a woman's appearance, come up with a brand-new image, and spice up any look. Depending on your preferences, desires, and needs, you can go through the wide assortment of eyeglasses and choose an ideal model. Gladly, this niche has a lot to offer - you can go through an array that starts from universal Rounds and Squares to elegant Wayfarers and Aviators. There are many shapes you can choose from but there's one that will win your heart and will never give it back. Have you ever heard about attractive Cat-eye glasses? These amazing spectacles feature a sophisticated look, premium quality, and unparalleled functionality.

This shape is considered retro-inspired and vintage even. It's no surprise, though. If we dive back into history, we will see when they got so admired among wearers and what led to their increasing popularity. Cat-eyes were created in the 30s but managed to become a huge trend in the 60s - when people saw them on the face of the elegant and gorgeous actress Audrey Hepburn, everyone got very excited and wanted to get a pair on their own. The movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" has made a good impression on the viewers and, apart from that, greatly contributed to the development of the fashion world. If you like Audrey's style, you can get some inspiration from pictures of hers and create your own elegant looks with a touch of mystery. To do that, you can either put on regular Cat-eye spectacles or go for Oversized ones.

Although, this amazing lady was not the only one to bring this shape so much success. Marilyn Monroe also made a huge impact on popularizing Cat-eyes. They fitted her iconic image and highlighted her feminine and sophisticated style. If you want to come up with something similar, it is possible to try and recreate one of her outfits. Of course, you may simply want to create a one-of-a-kind look, and this vintage and bold shape will become an essential part of the dressing-up process. This little but important element can bring any attire to a whole new level and breathe a new life into your wardrobe. Many modern celebrities also have Cat-eyes in their accessory boxes - Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and many other famous women add a note of sophistication and boldness to their looks with the help of these luxurious frames.

As we can see, the evolution of eyeglasses is not over - the new models of Cat-eyes keep popping up on the market and amaze the demanding fashionistas every day. All those changes include not just the colors and variety of shapes but the materials that are used in the crafting process as well. Nowadays, the practical and outstanding optical frames in a Cat-eye shape can be made from lightweight carbon fiber, premium plastic, design-rich acetate, strong metal, and even indestructible titanium. In case you are worried that you may have some contraindications or allergies, you should go and see the doctor in order to figure out which material you have to pay attention to in the end. Once you are aware of possible organism reactions, you can start picking out a perfect pair of optical frames.

The next thing that may go through your mind is the matter of clothes combinations. What looks good with Cat-eyes? This shape is literally an embodiment of femininity and playfulness - no matter which style is your favorite, this accessory will help to reveal your inner flirty nature. If you are planning on wearing these spectacles on a daily basis, they will let you feel attractive even with the simplest outfit that includes regular jeans and a basic t-shirt. Looking for something more special? Try combining Cat-Eyes with a chic suit that consists of a nice jacket and a skirt or shorts. Adding a neutral-colored V-neck shirt to the listed above elements, you will complete a look and open up your inner self. Other clothes, such as dresses and overalls, work well too. Gladly, these glasses are suitable for both daily life and special occasions.

Of course, there are thousands of companies that manufacture Cat-eye frames - the final products can vary by price, durability, appearance, and other factors. Of course, you want to find a truly perfect pair of frames to complete a stylish outfit, and we can offer to take a look at our full assortment of spectacles to opt for the most appealing model. We only work with time-tested and reliable fashion corporations, including Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana, Banana Republic, Jimmy Choo, Carolina Herrera, Diane Von Furstenburg, Fendi, Oakley, and many other companies that produce luxurious eyewear and provide the highest quality. These world-recognized eyewear designers offer only 100% authentic optical frames that feature originality, easy use, and lifelong service. Trust your senses and pick out a pair that touches your soul and meets your requirements. It’s time to refresh your wardrobe with an ideal Cat-eye spectacle.