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Round Metal Eyeglasses Frame for Women

BMW™ - BW5010

$110.70 - $113.40

Bottega Veneta™ - BV0214O

$311.25 - $330.00

Burberry™ - BE1337

$138.58 - $164.36

Bvlgari™ - BV2203

$195.76 - $250.05

Candie's™ - CA0187

$80.51 - $82.94

Guess™ - GU2796

$75.65 - $85.17

Saint Laurent™ - SL 124

$303.75 - $345.00

Saint Laurent™ - SL 125

$303.75 - $345.00

Saint Laurent™ - SL 25

$315.00 - $345.00

Dolce & Gabbana™ - DG1333

$156.52 - $160.52

Tory Burch™ - TY1057

$85.06 - $182.00

When choosing round eyeglasses, you may not be quite sure what your heart desires and needs. First of all, you have to understand why and when you are going to wear them. If you're a daily wearer, then you probably look for comfort and high-quality materials. One of the best types of eyeglasses for daily use is made from flexible metal. Obviously, as you might think, spectacles made this way are extremely flexible, and if you try to bend them, they will return to their original shape in a second. Thus, you don't have to worry about breaking or cracking. Plus, flexible metal eyeglasses are skin-friendly - no rubbing guaranteed. Also, they are durable and strong, which makes them perfect if you're planning on using them all day long.

Another thing you should focus on is how you're going to connect the whole look together. Accessories do all the talking, and depending on how well you work with them, you will get either an ordinary outfit or something more than just stylish. For example, if you go for darker frames of round glasses, keep your makeup to a minimum so it wouldn't distract from the specs. In this case, it's better to simply accentuate your facial features with a help of nude lipstick, mascara, and neutral eyeshadows. What concerns clothes, there's good news for you - round eyeglasses go with most styles and clothes. To meet the demands and needs of all women, the leading manufacturers have incorporated various kinds of colors and shapes to choose from. Listen to your heart and pay attention to what your inner fashion guru says.