Innovative and Trendy Polaroid Eyewear


For many, Polaroid is synonymous with the instant cameras that were so popular in the nineties. Although exactly with the production of sunglasses almost a century of the brand's history began. The company owns many widely used patents, including the famous lens polarization technology. 

When buying sunglasses from Polaroid, you can be sure that this stylish accessory will provide comfort in sunny weather, protecting from both UV radiation and rays reflected from horizontal surfaces.

The unique and recognizable style of Polaroid eyewear was created in Milan by Safilo, the oldest Italian manufacturer of frames and sunglasses. Polaroid products have been designed in full accordance with other brands in the company's portfolio, so they meet all the current trends and boast a branded fit.

Despite being innovative and unique, Polaroid is a brand for everyone. The company produces products in various categories: frames for women, men, and kids, sunglasses, sports, and reading glasses. The use of only high-quality materials to make wearing sunglasses as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, a large selection of excellent frames for all ages, and an affordable price make the Polaroid brand so special and extremely popular.