Lacoste Eyewear 2021


The Lacoste polo shirt with the unmistakable crocodile logo has long been a fashion legend in France and around the world. Founded in the early forties of the last century, the company quickly got on its feet and began international expansion.

Behind the company's rapid success is the founder of the brand - an extraordinary inventor with dozens of patents, Rene Lacoste, who was also a phenomenal tennis player.

Rene founded his own line of clothing and accessories for sports and outdoor activities. He laid the foundations for the corporate identity for which Lacoste products are famous to this day - convenience, functionality, and discreet chic.

The clothes of the brand are considered the standard of quality, as well as a sign of excellent taste. Lacoste T-shirts, shoes, and accessories are aristocratic and sophisticated with a touch of casualness that looks dignified and elegant in any setting.

The company knows a lot not only about clothes, but also about eyewear, producing magnificent sunglasses and frames that are famous for their durability, efficiency, and excellent quality. Nowadays, the eyewear collections are created by Marchon Eyewear, which is responsible for the constant expansion of the range and excellent quality.

Lacoste Spring/Summer 2021 Eyewear Collection boasts versatile Aviators, original retro frames, classic rectangular, round, and oval pieces presented in a varied palette of colors. But still, frames in casual and sports styles are the priority of Lacoste designers.