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Lens Size: 43mm Glasses

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Sight is a wonderful gift from nature. Through our eyes, we recognize human emotions and express ours. Moreover, we receive about 80% of information from the outside world thanks to vision. That's why we should care about our eyes. Nowadays, almost everyone has at least one pair of glasses: someone needs them to correct vision, someone to protect their eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Glasses emphasize not only the individuality of the owner, hide some flaws and protect from ultraviolet radiation, but also speak about the status of the person. It seems that it is worth approaching the choice of this accessory carefully and seriously. Of course, you should think over all the details and not rush to make a choice.

Today there is such a huge assortment of glasses, especially in online stores, that it is sometimes difficult to opt for something specific. But when you have already decided on the model, colors, and finishes, the question arises - which size is right for you?

A properly sized eyeglass frame affects the effectiveness of vision correction. Usually, buyers focus on how the glasses fit in general, forgetting about individual parameters: lens width, nose bridge distance, temple length, and frame height. But to choose the perfect frame, you need to pay attention to this. Like all other parameters, the lens width is indicated in mm and can be seen on the inside of the temple. So the first number in the size can be 43, which means the width of the lens. Subsequent numbers will indicate nose bridge distance and temple length, respectively. If you add all these values together, you get the width of the frame. Knowing the width of the face and the overall size of the frame, you can safely order quality glasses from well-known brands at competitive prices online, even without trying them on.