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Lens Size: 46mm Glasses

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Products: 124 of 35

After the winter cold and windy spring, the sun, even if it is blinding, is a great joy. But the early mimic wrinkles that appear if you constantly squint are always very unpleasant and eye diseases. So it's better not to ignore sunglasses. Moreover, a cool pair of shades can turn a simple image into a fashionable one. With so many different eyewear models that are now on the optical market, it can be difficult to decide on the choice of a pair of sunglasses. It is necessary to choose a suitable model among the many so that it is easy to maintain, does not break after a week, and reliably performs the main function of protecting the eyes from the harmful effects of the sun.

You need to decide whether plastic or glass lenses are better and what kind of frame this will be - you have to choose style, color, material, and size. Lightweight plastic has its advantages, for example, it is durable and lasts a long time. Metal models in sophisticated minimalist frames look no less stylish, they are stronger than plastic in terms of strength, especially models made of titanium. As for the size, you can make the right choice using the parameters of the previous frame or by measuring your face. The size of glasses is usually indicated on the left temple of the frame in millimeters and consists of 3 numbers, where the first is the lens width (46 mm for example), then the nose bridge distance and the length of the temple. Now you can easily calculate the width of the frame and choose the best option that suits you.