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Sunglasses 46mm Lens

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The choice of sunglasses is always accompanied by many questions. When choosing a model, you must, first, proceed from your needs and desires. Are you looking for a fashion option or a fashion novelty to highlight your style? Are you interested in sunglasses for the beach, fishing, driving, or a particular sport? The correct choice of sunglasses will depend not only on your mood and the ability to combine glasses with wardrobe items but also on health and comfort. Stylists recommend stopping your choice on a comfortable frame - the discomfort when wearing glasses is absolutely unacceptable, if this happens, you just need to choose another model.

The aesthetic factor, of course, is very important, because sunglasses are a stylish accessory that must be in harmony with the whole image. But comfort and reliable protection come first. You should not notice the frame on your face, it should be light as if you are not wearing it. For complete comfort, the parameters of the frame should almost completely correspond to the size of the face and head. The frame size is indicated on the inside of the left temple. So, you looked at the temple and saw the numbers 46-18-132, where 46 is the lens width, 20 is the nose bridge distance, 132 is the temple length. These parameters need to be summed up, resulting in the width of the frame. Knowing the size of the face will not be difficult for you to choose the right model according to your size.