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Lens Size: 48mm Glasses

Bvlgari™ - BV4198

$204.45 - $206.04

Saint Laurent™ - SL 347

$157.92 - $169.79

Perhaps you are not one of those people who are too critical of their appearance, considering themselves not attractive enough. Most often, this is a question of self-esteem, and if you objectively look at the appearance of any person, you can always find something beautiful, some individual traits, emphasizing which, you can feel much more confident. Meanwhile, this is not so difficult to do - you just need to choose the right model of glasses. Glasses in the modern fashionista's wardrobe are now an indispensable fashion accessory that helps to complement any image. Stylish and unusual frames attract attention, they favorably emphasize the status and good taste. There are general guidelines for choosing glasses. First, you need to decide what is your face shape and what frames are best suited to it. You can also follow a simple principle: thin frames look good on thin and narrow faces, while massive ones will look spectacular on larger faces. The primary task is to choose the most comfortable pair that will not squeeze the temples and the nose bridge or won't slip off with each movement. Look for information about the parameters of the glasses on the left temple from the inside. The numbers can be, for example, 48-18-136, where the first number is the lens width, the next is the nose bridge distance, and the last number is the temple length.

To find out the total width of the frame, you need to add the width of 2 lenses + the width of the bridge and add 4-12 mm for the fastening of the temples to the frame. A well-sized frame can correct any imperfections in the face.