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Sunglasses 48mm Lens

Burberry™ - BE4280

$136.22 - $294.00

Bottega Veneta™ - BV1147S

$201.33 - $322.50

Fossil™ - FOS 2097/S

$48.68 - $51.46

Glasses are a special accessory. Many will not leave the house without wearing sunglasses, no matter how bright the sun is. On bright and hot days, you have to protect your eyes from the dazzling, scorching rays. In large cities, heat and light are reflected from metal and concrete structures, from asphalt pavement, glass, and many other materials, which increases the discomfort several times on summer days. In winter, light reflects off the snow, often blinding pedestrians and drivers, creating dangerous situations. Good, quality sunglasses do an excellent job of reducing glare and rays, eliminating unpleasant and harmful effects. If there is a lot of snow outside and the sun is shining, then it is not recommended to go outside without protection.

What you should be guided by when choosing such an important accessory as sunglasses? The main selection criteria should be a feeling of comfort when trying on the frame and its correct position on the face. If the parameters of the frames do not correspond to your individual sizes, you should not buy even the very chic spectacle frame or stylish sunglasses. Measure your face at eye level from one temple to another to find out the width of the frame you need. Most often, manufacturers do not write the width of the frame, but they indicate other parameters by which it can be calculated. Suppose the following data is indicated on the temple of the selected model: 48-22-134. The first number is the lens width, the second is the nose bridge distance, the third is the temple length. You need to multiply the lens width by two and add the nose bridge distance, adding 4-12 mm for the width of the hinge joints. This way the frame width is determined. Well-sized sunglasses will not only provide good protection from the sun but will also be a pleasure to wear.