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Lens Size: 74mm Glasses

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Prada™ - PS 54YS


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Historically, glasses were originally a clear sign of a smart, reading, educated person.  Already in the Middle Ages, they were an important component of look, a status item that characterizes the personality. Times change, but glasses are still one of the key wardrobe items. Their importance is determined by two simple parameters: glasses are worn daily and right on the face, thereby merging with the appearance of a person, transforming it, and forming a certain style, a particular impression about a person. And when choosing a new frame or ready-made glasses for reading and working with a computer, you should make the choice seriously. After all, glasses are now something more than a little thing that improves vision.

Eyewear is a stylish accessory that can tell a lot about its owner. And it depends only on ourselves what exactly our appearance will tell others about us. Different lens sizes allow you to choose them for any image and style, emphasize facial features and dignity of appearance, harmonize the look and hide flaws. It is really important to consider the width of the frame that is comfortable for you. 74 mm glasses are a great solution for those who are not afraid to declare themselves as a stylish person who has good taste. Such optical options are available for purchase in the EyeOns online store. Use glasses not only to improve your vision, but also to create your individual look, and let them tell all the best about you!