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Sunglasses 74mm Lens

Eyes, like the skin, must be protected from the effects of ultraviolet rays. The ideal way to do this is to wear glasses with a quality UV filter. In this case, it is advisable to use the accessory constantly, as soon as you go outside. In addition to the main function of protecting the eyes from harmful radiation, they also serve as a stylish completion of the appearance. Sunglasses play the first role when you need to update your look, adding an interesting accent to it. The trend for such accessories has long ceased to be exclusively seasonal, because it is necessary to protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation all year round, not only in the warm season of spring and summer but especially in winter, as well as in fall.

It has long been known that with the help of accessories you can bring into the image even those features that, in general, are not characteristic of you. It is with the help of glasses that you can transform your appearance and make the desired impression on people. So,74 mm lenses give respectability and authority to the face. Stunning models of this width will allow you to slightly change the appearance or individual facial features. There are many different types of glasses for every taste and for different styles of clothing - expressive and eye-catching, concise and restrained. In the assortment of the EyeOns online store, you can easily choose the 74 mm glasses you like and enjoy your purchase.