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What springs to mind when you hear such words combination as eyes, sun, fashion? Apparently, Sunglasses will be your very first association. It is probably the most marketable fashion accessory on the planet. They can add some charm or elegance to anyone's appearance, make you feel fearless and confident. With sunglasses you can hide and become inconspicuous or on the contrary come to the fore. This masking or highlighting effects depend on the style and shape of eyewear which can be chosen from all available diversity. And the choice of specific sunglasses depends on the needs of your personality and what impression you want to make on people. Sunglasses can easily make or break an impression about your sense of fashion and style. With and array of shapes, shades, styles and brands sunglasses speak out loudly about you like no other accessory.

Round Sunglasses Persol 3015 Havana

They are the good way to make your appearance more attractive. For what it's worth we can't ignore the way a person looks. Beautiful and attractive face has power over us. But what are beautiful faces for us? Researchers have found this. It turns out that it is all about symmetry - faces we consider attractive tend to be symmetrical. Facial symmetry is where both sides of the face, right and left, are alike. The more symmetrical, the more sexually attractive the face is, because facial symmetry is subconsciously associated with good health.

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Sunglasses are great and simple corrective which really improves not ideal proportions of faces. Putting on a pair of sunglasses you get an instant symmetry due to dark lenses covering up asymmetrical oddities around your eyes. The assurance and the feeling of attractiveness make a person more confident in communication and changes the self-perception to more positive. We can wear sunglasses to hide our thoughts or take them off to break the barrier saying, this is me, let's connect. One more interesting research states that wearing of sunglasses makes us feel happier. How this can be connected? In fact, it's simple - too bright sun can be a distracting annoyance, and obviously this makes us feel uncomfortable. We squint, scrunch and our facial expression tricks the brain into thinking that we are feeling angry or distressed. The longer we suffer from sun shining in our eyes the worse influence we get on our state. Our mood can go bad unless we fix this by putting on sunglasses.

Celebrities wearing sunglasses

So people wear sunglasses because they feel and look good in them, besides sunglasses still remain an essential eyes protective accessory which keeps the health of our vision from sun's malicious influence. Eyes are extremely light sensitive and can be easily damaged by overexposure to radiation in the visible and non-visible spectra. But if we protect them with a good pair of sunglasses, they are not likely to get tired even after spending an entire day out in the sun. There is a long story about sunglasses which starts since the time of the pharaohs and goes through all historical milestones.

Originally invented to protect people's eyes from harsh sunlight and blinding glare of its reflection, sunglasses now turned into some kind of absolutely necessary part of human life. Nowadays this part of fashion industry gained cosmic momentum. You even need some guide not to get lost in the diversity of brands, shapes, frames, materials, lens types and styles which are provided for your selection. We are here to be make your choice of sunglasses easy and perfect.