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Sunglasses for Kids

Some parents believe: small kids do not need sunglasses, baseball cap is enough to protect a child from sun rays. Ophthalmologists disagree with them. They are convinced: a baby should be taught to wear sunglasses when he or she turns one year old or at least starting from the age of 3 years, when kids actively explore the world. We should remember: the younger the kid, the more susceptible his eyes to the sun.

When it comes to sunglasses we have to pay special attention to the quality of the lenses, whether for adult or kids. For maximum protection the 100 per cent UV or UV 400 label should be selected. It is better to choose filters of brown, green or gray color with an average value of light absorption up to 70%. Lenses should be polycarbonate not to be broken and injure the child in case of a fall. The break-resistant frame must be curved and not leave any space between the eye rim and the eye.

The frame should be safe, strong, comfortable and made of hypoallergenic material. It also should be close-fitting and flexible - spring hinges that extend beyond 90 degrees will be good enough not to be broken quickly. Kids tend to be rough with their glasses. You can buy glasses without earhooks with a soft grasping rim, or a frame made of hypoallergenic rubber with a fixing tape wrapping kid's head around. Explore our complete stylish collection of sunglasses for kids and teens. We offer only original eyewear of superior quality which brings high level comfort, optimal fitting and satisfies all needs of children to be adult-like fashionable, playful and confident in their glasses.