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Sunglasses for Men

Polo™ - PH4159

$93.87 - $119.2

Oakley™ - Hstn OO9464

$111.55 - $146.89

Tom Ford™ - FT0780 Anders

$251.39 - $293.26

Bvlgari™ - BV7036

$234.79 - $259.79

Dolce & Gabbana™ - DG2285

$187.08 - $199.25

Every modern man wants to look handsome and refresh his wardrobe with new catchy elements. If you are going to create a list of men's must-have items, you'll definitely include at least one pair of sunglasses there. They are necessary for any kind of men's activity no matter if he is driving a car, walking, or cycling. This practical accessory can protect eyes from sun, sand, snow, and wind in dusty weather. Sunglasses give protection from harmful sunlight. Besides this evident practical benefit, the usage of sunnies instills confidence and endows with manly charismatic behavior. What can infatuate a woman more than a mesmerizing men's glance through slightly lowered sunglasses? There is a fact that we all become curious if something is concealed from us or when we can observe only a part of the whole. 

A man in sunglasses intrigues and undoubtedly attracts women and it is known that the presence of any glasses plays an important role in their sexual desire. If you still need a reason to wear sunglasses more often, pay attention to this one: they simply make your image individual and complete your gorgeous outfits making your every day special as you can have different sunglasses for a variety of cases or coordinate one pair with various clothing styles! Man and sunglasses - these two are linked to each other like fashion and style, fearlessness and manliness, personality and uniqueness. And no matter what look you are going to prefer - classic, fashionable, or casual - there's always a pair of eye-catching sunglasses that will make you look and feel unbelievably great. Believe us, there's always a suitable model for every man regardless of his taste and preferences.

At our online store, we can offer a variety of different sunglass shapes. For instance, we have huge collections of iconic Aviators, amazing Wraps, coquettish Cat-eyes, unusual Geometric sunnies, reliable Sport goggles, retro-inspired Butterflies, unisex Rounds, and many other types of eyewear you can choose from. The question is, if the variety of available models is so huge, how to pick out the one that's right for you personally? It may be quite a challenge because all of them look amazing but you have to consider the shape of the glasses as well as your own face type. For example, the owners of oval faces are probably the luckiest because most glasses are suitable for them. Although it is more about proportions. You have to choose the right sizes because only this way your sunnies will fit and won't fall off or look too small. To do so, you can measure your old sunglasses, if you have any, and then choose the corresponding sizes on our website when you use a special built-in filtering tool.

There is no doubt that sunglasses are an indispensable summer accessory for lots of men and most of them understand the importance of eye protection from destructive ultraviolet radiation. Thankfully, today, the niche of eyewear spreads its borders every day and helps not just to cover the eyes but also add a stylish accent to the whole image. This way, people can find not just great coverage but something they absolutely enjoy. At EyeOns, you can take a look at numerous design options, and everyone can pick out the most suitable sunglasses that will accentuate their personality. We have gathered models of different color combinations, including gold, blue, red, brown, violet, black, beige, and lots of other tones and textures. If you are looking for something more outstanding and usual, we can offer Havana, Glitter, Gunmetal, and many other bold hues as well.

Besides colors and textures, there are other features that will not leave you indifferent but will definitely leave you speechless. At our store, you can find sunglasses that are completely non-identical: from regular sizes to Oversized ones, from full-rims to those that do not have rims whatsoever, from modest to extravagant ones. If you are in search of a particular type of sunnies, you may find similar models as well but it is great to not be limited in choice and have many options to pick from, right? We have many trendy variants for men that will impress both you and the other people around. Sunglasses are an ideal way to reveal your inner desires and become a walking inspiration by creating unbelievably stunning outfits. Listen to your heart and be brave - you can experiment with your image and hone your accessorizing skills.

Every single model of sunglasses that you can find when you browse through our wide assortment of eyewear is crafted from high-quality materials. We offer you a variety of options to choose from: acetate, carbon fiber, metal, nylon, plastic, titanium, and even wood. We understand that all our customers are individuals and have different preferences. Some even have sensitive skin along with specific contraindications or allergies which is why it is our main goal to provide everyone with a wide and great choice. Regardless of what material you focus on, we do assure you that every model features premium quality and unparalleled functionality. All our sunglasses will become not just a stylish and voguish accessory to complete looks with but they also serve you long and cover your eyes from harmful environmental effects.

We are an official retailer that does its best to satisfy our customers' needs and desires which is why it is the number one principle to work with only time-tested and trustworthy fashion houses and designers. Thus, at our online store, you can find numerous and the most diverse models of sunglasses from such brands as Adidas, Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta, Columbia, Tom Ford, David Beckham, Tommy Hilfiger, Oliver Peoples, Nine West, Michael Kors, Lacoste, and lots of other famous companies. Each of them offers unmatched functionality and 100% authenticity. You can be sure that the sunglasses you order come to you safely and are completely original. Those brands' manufacturers use only premium materials and stick to the latest technologies to provide you with the best accessories possible. Choose your perfect sunnies and get ready to stand out.