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Cat-Eye Plastic Sunglasses Frame for Men

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Cat-eye sunglasses were a longtime favorite among fashion icons and celebs alike. The iconic cat-eye frames were first introduced in the early ‘50s; today it’s a style that looks cool and is adored by many. Thanks to their versatility and ability to work well with a variety of face shapes, cat-eyes have become a classic rather than a fashionable option. This unique frame shape combines round and angled elements, giving you the best of both worlds. An elegant addition to your outfit, cat-eye shades are as timeless as they are modern. Discover a wide range of head-turning men’s plastic cat-eye shades from the brands you know and love, including Ic! Berlin, Smith, Hugo Boss, Nike, etc.

Adding cat-eye sunglasses to your outfit is a simple way to show your style and attitude. Owing to their upswept design, cat-eyes are so exquisite that they can’t go unnoticed. We only carry premium quality sunglasses that blend performance with style. Choose from a range of edgy plastic frames in pop colors for a fun new look or go more classic with a pair of black shades.