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Geometric Metal Sunglasses Frame for Men

Saint Laurent™ - SL 299

$303.75 - $315.00

Adidas™ - SP0043

$109.12 - $118.46

BMW™ - BW0030

$142.45 - $163.73

Bottega Veneta™ - BV1003S

$223.56 - $227.89

Bottega Veneta™ - BV1065S

$371.25 - $382.50

The modern fashion industry offers numerous sunglasses of different styles and shapes: round, rectangular, oval, square, Aviators and Wayfarers, sports streamlined glasses - for every taste and every face shape. Gone are the days when men wore glasses only in traditional, restrained forms and only women had the privilege of putting on fancy glasses, which were distinguished by incredible silhouettes and an abundance of all kinds of embellishments.

Today, when creating collections of sunglasses, designers necessarily add unusual models to men's collections. Thus, more and more often you can see on the catwalks of men, demonstrating glasses of various geometric shapes: metal frames of triangular, hexagonal shapes, plastic glasses in the form of rhombuses, and large polygons. Such fashionable glasses are flowing more and more rapidly into everyday life, transforming boring and banal images into more diverse and original ones. In addition to sunglasses of unusual shape, trends dictate our choice of specs in stylish and graceful designs with metal frames, eco-friendly wooden frames, transparent plastic frames, and unusual decorated frames. In order for the stylish image to take place, it is recommended to correctly select the shape and color of the frame, taking into account appearance, facial features, and color type.