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Nylon Sunglasses Frame for Men

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C-Life™ - JONES

$78.00 - $105.13

Frames made of nylon appeared in the late '40s, and due to brightness and some other issues, eyewear companies started to use blended nylon. In our days, spectacles crafted from blended nylon are both lightweight and strong enough. This material is also used to make sports and performance sunglasses because it's flexible and resistant to cold and hot. Popular wrap-style sunnies and other curved frames are also made from nylon. In fact, not only spectacles but also lenses can be made from this impact-resistant and tough material.

Look through our wide assortment of men's nylon sunglasses crafted meticulously by famous eyewear designers, including Giorgio Armani, Valentino, and many others. Choose from various styles and shapes to create an individual look and complete your image with a fashionable accessory. Apart from being stylish, a pair of nylon sunnies will protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays. Our online shop offers only 100% original frames from leading manufacturers who use the newest technologies, finest materials, and the latest innovation in production. Go ahead and select a trendy frame to make a fashion statement!